Dawn Griffin creator of Zorphbert and FredMs. Griffin shall commence to write about herself in 3rd person. Because that’s what you do in a biography. Dawn’s main aspiration, ever since she was a young whipper-snapper, is to make a living off of funny little drawings and a quirky sense of humor. After retiring her first comic strip in 2006, the quirky sci-fi webcomic  “Zorphbert and Fred” was born. She also illustrates the children’s book series “Abby’s Adventures” , promoting self esteem in young girls. Dawn holds a BFA degree from Tyler School of Art in graphic design and illustration. She earns her living as a designer for a snack foods company, which provides tons of experience and even more soft pretzels. Originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, she’s an avid Cleveland sports fan, (AKA: a glutton for punishment). She adopted a lab/rottweiler mix who provides inspiration in exchange for treats, & she will always hold Calvin & Hobbes as her highest inspiration. She hates hypocrisy, the Cowboys & Yankees, and cracking knuckles. She also dislikes writing in 3rd person, so she’ll stop now.

bw-02Byron Wilkins Do you know me? I don’t carry the American Express card, but I do carry around pencils and markers.

Born in southern Illinois on a farm, my family moved to the suburbs of Chicago in 1969 where I took my first drawing lessons at the local park district. I soon was visiting art supply stores to buy quill pens, India ink and Bristol board to draw comics “like Charles Schulz.” In 2007, at age 50, I made the leap and started training myself to become a comic strip artist. I immediately purchased a WACOM tablet and Manga Studio EX3. I have upgraded those tools, but I still use a WACOM tablet and Manga Studio to produce all my art work today. With the significant improvements made in Manga Studio EX5, I now do everything in that software packagge.

I work primarily producing custom commissions and illustrations as well as attend several comic conventions annually to expand my freelance illustration business. I also produced the webcomic “1977 the Comic” about a struggling musician in the 1970s. And finally, I co-founded the Webcomic Alliance, a group of webcomic artists whose goal is to help out beginning webcomic creators.

You can reach out to me anytime at my Gmail account: tr1studios@gmail.com

Robin Dempsey is addicted to storytelling, despite all logical reasoning against this irrationally glorious pursuit. By day she works as a Mechanical Engineer, and in every spare moment outside of that she is making comics. Including in her sleep, on occasion. She began her first comic, Shades of Grey, as a teenager in 2002, which she finished at ~800 pages in 2010. Then she tried quitting storytelling. She really did. I think she may have made it a whole week! Except then the world-building started, and the character creating, and the language making, and it became very clear that not only would the next story be bigger, but it would be richer, smoother, and more satisfying. Apparently, storytelling skills are like wine or a good cheese — better when aged! (You can judge the results for yourself — at LeyLinesComic.com!) In 2012 Robin decided that if she was going to keep telling stories for the rest of her life, she was going to put her money where her mouth was, and registered a business to push her goal of self-sustaining storytelling forward. She founded Moko Press, LLC, on the personal values of creativity, reliability, and mentor-ship. It’s an uncertain and exciting future — but she can’t wait to see where her path leads!

Having graduated from Radford University in 1991 with a graphic design and commercial illustration degree, Chris Flick has worked in a wide range of graphic design fields – from silk-screen illustrator to an advertising agency graphic designer. In between, he has done freelance commercial illustration and caricature work.

In 1999, he taught himself html and eventually went on to co-author two books about web design – both of which were published by New Riders Press. It was this association with New Riders Press that lead him to start a promotional webcomic strip for the website, Community MX (www.communitymx.com) that ran from 2004 to 2010.

After a few years of working on “CMX Suite”, Chris decided to create an entirely new comic strip comprised of his own characters and dealing with his love of comic book and super heroes. And in November of 2007, Capes & Babes was born. Capes & Babes is a webcomic about a strip mall, a comic book shop and one crazy werewolf and can be read three times a week at www.capesnbabes.com

When all the kids in preschool shouted that they wanted to be astronauts or cowboys, Drezz Rodriguez would just shrug his shoulders and draw on stuff. He couldn’t explain why he wanted to do it – he just knew.

Now, here he is 20 years later as an award winning creative director for a design firm, author of a long running graphic novel (www.el-cuervo.com), owner of a bursting design and illustration portfolio (www.drezzworks.com), podcast personality and article columnist at Webcomic Alliance. Drezz shares his knowledge with everyone who visits in the hopes that the artists within will be inspired in some way.