Podcast #251: Webcomics 10 Years Later

Podcast #251: Webcomics 10 Years Later. Tonight we talk about the changes in the Webcomics industry in the past decade and how artists, or businesses in general, need to adapt to the changes we’re faced with. Dawn, Chris, Drezz, and Byron go over the changes and suggest how to adapt to the changing environment of webcomics. […]

Podcast #250: Return of Drezz

Podcast #250: The Return of Drezz! Tonight we talk with returning member Drezz Rodriguez! Dawn, Chris, and Byron chat with old member Drezz Rodriguez about his upcoming new comic. We go over things for him to do to rekindle the fire with old fans, and more Enjoy!

Podcast #249: Happy New Year!

Podcast #249: Happy New Year! Tonight we talk about streaming and ideas for artists to sell! Dawn, Chris, and Byron start the new year off by chatting about what shows they’re streaming on-line, then they talk about ideas that we artists can do for holidays or any time of the year to help bring in […]

Podcast 248: Chuck Ayers Interview

Podcast #248: Interview with Chuck Ayers Tonight is a special podcast! Byron and his friend Betty Rider interview legendary comic strip artist Chuck Ayers in his office in Akron, Ohio. Chuck Ayers is the artist behind two famous and nationally syndicated comic strips called “Funky Winkerbean” and “Crankshaft.” He sat down with Byron and Betty […]

Podcast 247: Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

Podcast #247: Interview with Caitlin McGurk of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum Tonight is a special podcast! Byron visited the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum back in September of 2019 and was able to view the archive collection of materials stored at the museum. It was an overwhelming visit as there was […]

Podcast 246: Heroes Con Report

Podcast #246: Heroes Convention Report Dawn, Chris, and Byron tabled next to each other at Heroes Con this past June in Charlotte, North Carolina! So we decided to record video reports from our booths. So this is a special podcast in video format! There is a standard introduction where we chat about our convention experiences. […]

Podcast 245: WE’RE BACK!

Podcast #245: We’re back, baby! After ten long months, we have returned! Chris, Dawn, and Byron talk about what happened during the hiatus and what’s coming up for the Webcomic Alliance podcast. We talk about the craziness in our lives this past year, plus we reminiscence about the beginnings of our webcomics and how it […]

Podcast 155: Sarah Burrini of “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm”

Sarah Burrini of “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm” Tonight we chat with the one and only Sarah Burrini of the webcomic “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm”! Sarah is from Germany and we wanted to talk about the differences of her market compared to the American Webcomic market. We also discussed how her webcomic has helped her career as […]

Podcast 154: Art Tips for Comic Creators

Art Tips for Comic Creators. Tonight we take a cue from long-time listener Aron Mason and chat about various tips for comic creators. Byron answers questions about his process of creating his comic digitally using Clip Studio Paint, and then Dawn, Chris, and Liz cover tips on line-weight, shading, lighting, and more are covered. Plus a […]

Podcast 153: What’s Going On with the Webcomic Alliance?

The Year in Review with the Webcomic Alliance. Tonight we got the whole gang together to go over 2018 and how it’s been full of ups and downs. Due to Byron being in North Carolina for four months, we fell way behind on recording podcasts, so we thought it would be nice to chat about what’s […]

Podcast 152: F(r)iction Magazine and Webcomic Submissions

F(r)iction Literary Journal and Webcomic Submissions. Tonight we’re joined by Andrew Jimenez, Senior Editor for the F(r)iction Literary Journal who is here to talk about their process for accepting webcomic submissions and what it is they are looking for. With the new website in the process of being launched that will compliment the print magazine, F(r)iction is […]

Podcast 151: Manga English Adaptation, Branding & Re-Starting a Comic

Branding & Re-Starting a Comic. Guest Stan Brown of the D&D webcomic 10’x10′ Toons joins Byron, Christina, and Dawn as we discuss Stan’s background in doing English Adaptations of Manga comics. Then we chat about how Stan can re-start his webcomic and how to brand himself as an artist. And in honor of our new Supreme […]

Podcast 150: Marc Copes & Outside the Box Promotion

Building Your Audience for Webcomics. Guest Marc Copes of the webcomic “Cow Texas”  joins Byron, Christina, and Chris as we discuss Marc’s webcomic and tips on getting your webcomic noticed and some “outside the box” thinking of promotions, as well as some software suggestions for the iPad Pro. Marc mentions he uses a drawing package called […]

Podcast – Jeff Langcaon & Building Your Audience

Building Your Audience for Webcomics. Guest Jeff Langcaon of the webcomic “Henchmen For Hire” joins Byron, Christina, and Chris as we discuss building your audience as a webcomic creator. Jeff is from Hawaii and teased us with the beautiful views and weather, but he also talks about the disadvantages of being a webcomic creator on […]

Tapas Media and Building Your Brand

Building a brand and identity as an indie comic creator. Guests Josh Bakken and Michael Son from Tapas Media come on board to chat about their services as well as the topic of building a brand as an independent comic creator. They talk about how Tapas was created to help creators earn a living doing […]

WA Podcast 135 – LFTO Character Introductions

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Today’s discussion… Writing strong character introductions. In this Long Form Take Over, Christina (Sombulus), Liz (Adrastus), and Robin (LeyLines) tackle character introductions.  What key elements do you need to remember when showing a character for the first time?  How does an audience connect with a character in a first […]

WA Podcast 134 – Antagonists with LFTO Special Guest Mike Gourdin

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Today’s discussion… Antagonists. Christina (Sombulus), Liz (Adrastus), and Robin (LeyLines) are back for another Long-Form Take-Over!  Today we’re joined by special guest Mike Gourdin of The Blank Scroll.  We’re taking apart antagonists.  What kind of villain is right for your story?  How can you improve a bad guy character […]

Using Vector Layers in Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio

Webcomic creator Sam Dealey has a put together a handy video tutorial on how to use Vector layers in Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio. Using Vector Layers is a great way to speed up your inking process as well as giving you the ability to adjust line thicknesses and curves easily. Sam covers a lot of […]

WA Podcast 133: Reunion Time!

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Today’s discussion… Original Alliance Members Reunion! The old farts return!  The original members of the Webcomic Alliance Podcast reunite to relate how being involved in the Alliance has influenced our lives both personally and professionally. Returning to the podcast are Ken Drab and Antoine Gagnon.  Drink of the Week: Antoine brings […]

WA Podcast 132: Small Business Resources

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Today’s discussion… Small Business Tools Chat.  Host Byron Wilkins with “Adrastus” creator Liz Staley and “Sombulus” creator Christina Major talk about some Small Business Resources that are available from a variety of sources. From the startup template know as the Business Model Canvas to S.C.O.R.E. the Service Corps Of Retired […]