Reader Email!

I like to have folks interact with us and I thought I’d pass along some questions we got from a listener to the podcast and share my answers with you all.  If you have some other thoughts to add to mine, feel free to add them in the comments area!  Everyone’s situation is different, but […]


Webcomic Workshop X-File code 4D

This podcast is not censored and may have some language not suitable for work.  You’ve been warned. This podcast we cover: Byron: Doing what your comic needs vs. what you want it to need (I struggle with what format and update schedule). Dawn: Pay-walls and subscriptions to get bonus material. Good or bad idea? And […]


Write. Draw. Brand.

Those three words define the Webcomic Alliance as a whole.  It represents the three core elements to comic creation, and we’re all good at one or two of them, but all three need to be our focus if we’re to succeed in the digital comic industry. We launched this group in October after a few […]


Webcomic Workshop X-File code 3C

This podcast we cover: Tyler: The quest for profitability! What are you guys doing this year to increase revenue and/or decrease costs vs. last year? Ken: How often should you update the look of the site? Are tweaks enough? Dawn: What are some cheap promo items to pass out at a con, that won’t just […]


Webcomic Workshop X-File code 2B

This podcast we cover: Ryan: How to respond when your blog posts trigger a heated debate (i.e. kill them with kindness…) Dawn: The “female” demographic: merchandise, comics geared towards women, and “business” vs. “being PC” Byron: What to do when you have fallen off the Social Networking radar. Ken: Is having a “clique” or two […]


The Evolution of a Comic

I’m not talking where my comic strip starts off as a floundering fish yearning to have lungs on land, but rather how I create a strip from scratch.  A blank piece of paper is a rather formidable foe until you strike that first pencil line.  Once you start down the Dark Path, you must finish […]


Webcomic Workshop #8

This podcast we cover: Dawn: I tend to over-do-it on the artwork. How do you know when your artwork on any particular comic is done? Byron: Using Comic Ranking thingies on your site & should you use a Tip Jar? Ken: Considering the creative direction/writing of your comic: Do you follow your instincts and do […]


Writing Comics Film Style

Let’s chat about Scripting. In comic writing, there’s a style known as the Marvel Style where someone like a Stan Lee essentially dictates a general synopsis of the story idea he has to his artists and they go off and create a comic.  They bring back 22 pages of illustrations that Stan then plugs in […]


Comic Creators Alliance Donation Drive 2011

Two of our very own Webcomic Alliance members were a part of this year’s Comic Creators Alliance donation drive to End Human Trafficking.  Byron and Antoine added their talents to the impressive pool of webcomic artists who each drew one of their female characters in a “Brady Bunch” pose; looking in all different directions and […]


Webcomic Workshop #7

The topics we cover in this podcast are: Antoine: Links, ads, icons, social medias, etc… When do we draw the line? What is “Too much” stuff on your website? Dawn: Dealing with critical family members or significant others who don’t “get” what we do. Balancing loved ones and aspirations. Ken: How much effort do you […]


Drawing Hands with a Web Cam

Last year for Christmas, my wife bought me one of the best gifts I’ve received in a long time.  A simple little web cam.  No, not for uploading my wonderful likeness to Avatars around the internet, but rather so I could learn to draw hands better.  A lot of people will say they use small […]


Webcomic Workshop #6

The topics we cover in this podcast are: Antoine: Brand Parody? What are we allowed to do, law and copyright wise? Dawn: Project Wonderful – better to manually bid on a couple big-name sites, or set up a campaign for lots of smaller sites with similar subject matter? Ken: What metrics are you guys using […]


Creating Your Business Plan

Proverb: He who fails to plan, plans to fail.  Period. There’s more to independent comic creation then learning how to draw hands and feet, it also is about running it as a business and that requires… wait for it… a Plan!  Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task and is not for the faint […]


Webcomic Workshop #5

This week, the podcast is covering the following: Ken: What file formats are you guys using and do you think it will be the format that we’ll be using in 2 years? Antoine: Planning T-Shirts for Conventions + Which company to go to? Byron:  I want to discuss “acceptance by your artist peers”. This also […]


Webcomic Workshop #4

This week, the podcast is covering the following: Dawn: Is going on hiatus to build a buffer and relaunch your site worth the loss of readership? Ken: PRO TIP QUESTION: What types of brush techniques are you using and if you downloaded brush presets – where did you get them? Dawn – Illustrator, Byron – […]


Reading the Fine Print

As comic creators, we’re much better at using pencils, pens and markers then we are at reading a contract.  If you’re like most people, you’ve been handed a multi-page document in which you signed your life away not really having completely read or understood the document’s intent.  Now, if you trust your cell phone provider, […]


Webcomic Workshop – X-File code 1A

This unscheduled Podcast is a very special one! While DAwn was getting married, we invited David Reddick of “Legend of Bill” and covers the following: David: Writing, and what happens if/when you start to write yourself into either a corner, AND/OR you start to have to many loose threads running that you might lose track […]


Webcomic Workshop #3

This week, the podcast is covering the following: Ken: How much social media (twitter/facebook) is a good thing? Byron: Designing Ads that work & look good. Antoine: How do you fight a lost of motivation? Dawn: Is it worth it to have buttons/pins/trinkety stuff made for conventions? Do people still buy this stuff? Drink of […]


Fair Use for Webcomics

As comic creators, there are do’s and don’ts on how we can handle the usage of copyrighted material in our comics under the name of parody.  The biggest question I get asked is “Do I have to get permission to use another creator’s characters in my comic?” The short answer is no. Here’s why, and, […]


Webcomic Workshop #2

The Webcomic Workshop is a podcast that troubleshoots the world of webcomics.  The four of come together with the problems and issues we face of creating and promoting our own webcomics.  We then share with you the solutions we come up with in our round table discussions. This week, the podcast is covering the following: […]