Your Karma Wifi Hotspot Review…

Let’s get a little Tech-y… Before I begin this article, I think it might be best to get some technical parts out of the way first so that you can better appreciate the later parts parts of this article. My family and I use T-Mobile as our phone carrier. We are a part of their […]


A Guide to Hand-Lettering Your Strips…

I think I should start this article off by letting everyone know this really isn’t an article about HOW to hand-letter your strips… that would be akin to writing an article on how to draw – and let’s face it, there isn’t one single article that will be able to teach you how to draw. […]


An Awesome Recap of Awesome Con…

If you’ve been following Dawn Griffin or myself on Facebook or Twitter at all, then you know that this past weekend was Awesome Con DC – the first comic book convention held in the Washington DC area for over 15 years! Before I begin talking about my experiences at this show, I thought I’d give […]


Talking ’bout Sketch Cards!

Hey kids! Today, I want to talk to you about sketch cards and show you how you can make your own custom cards that will, hopefully, help you stand out from the convention crowd. Sketch cards have recently taken off in popularity the last couple of years – and, as you might guess, there are […]


A conversation with Ben Penrod

Hey folks… today I’m talking with Ben Penrod. Ben is the organizer for Awesome Con DC that will be held at the Washington, DC Convention Center on April 20-21st.  Ben has been organizing and putting together multiple shows in and around the Washington DC Metropolitan area for some time but Awesome Con DC will be […]


My Convention Table Set-up

Over the years since I started Capes & Babes and began attending conventions, I’ve been very fortunate to receive many great compliments about my table set-up. I’d like to think part of that is due to my extensive graphic design background. In any case, there’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into setting […]


An Interview with Dan Nokes…

Hey folks… earlier this month, I was attending a small, one day show in Tysons Corner, Virginia (about 30 minutes away from where I lived). I was attending the show with my good friend, Dan Nokes so, later on after the show ended, Dan and I caught an early dinner at a local fast food […]


A Holiday Promotional Idea

During our many podcasts here at Webcomic Alliance, we often talk about the importance of cultivating a relationship between you and your audience or fan base. Well kids, for today’s article, I’m going to offer a unique suggestion that will help you do just that during this holiday season. Freelance illustrators and designers often talk […]


My favorite iPad app

BIG UPDATE FOLKS: Because I contacted Stephen about this article and asked his permission to use the photos in this article, I got a great e-mail response from him. Here is what he says: “Thanks so much. Just to let you know, because my programmer and I were excited about this, at midnight tonight till […]


Editing your strips…

I have a confession to make. I love to write – whether it was short stories, final exam essays or even speeches – it doesn’t matter. Maybe one of the reasons was because I was fortunate to have a high school English teacher that really encouraged all of his students to write, write, write and […]


The 2012 Baltimore Comic Con Recap

For me, the Baltimore Comic Con has always been experienced in two different ways. The first eight years of the show’s existence, I experienced it as a fan. For the last five years, I have experienced it as an artist in Artist Alley. It is also the only convention that I have attended every single […]


A new way to give a critique

I recently came across an old and famous internet news story about the great artist and animator Alex Toth giving the great Steve Rude a harsh critique regarding some of Steve Rude’s Johnny Quest pages he had penciled earlier in his career. If you Google “Alex Toth and Steve Rude”, you’ll get plenty of links […]


A Conversation with Robin Dempsey

Hey folks… a few weeks ago, Dawn “interviewed” me – actually, it was more like a conversation between friends that we just converted to a text format. Well, now it’s my turn to return the favor and give you all a glimpse into the wonderful world (quite literally) of Robin Dempsey, the other newest member […]


CONTEST WINNER – Write Your Own Graphic Novel

A big hearty two thumbs up goes out to J. Kevin Carrier for his winning submission to the “Write You Own Graphic Novel – Caption Contest”! Kevin’s winning entry is posted below along with his script. We want to thank everyone who submitted entries for this contest and we hope you had as much fun […]


Anatomy of a logo

This is for all the graphic designers out there… I thought it would be interesting if I explained a little bit about how I came up with the design for Capes & Babes since I did go to school for graphic design. I also thought this might be interesting for all those that love fonts […]