RECAP: Allentown Comic Con

We often suggest to creators who are just starting out and curious about exhibiting at conventions, to look into smaller local conventions, as opposed to the Wizard Worlds or New York or San Diego. You know, baby steps. Well, for me, Allentown Comic Con is the perfect size for starting out. Allentown, a not-large-but-not-small city […]


Branching Out From Comic Cons

So, you’ve have this comic for a couple years now, and have managed to put out a book or two or three. Maybe you’ve done a couple locals conventions, or maybe even a few big ones. Maybe you’ve taken the plunge (reverse-pun intended) and decided to even fly to a few. Maybe, while going through […]


A Conversation With Chris Flick

  Dawn: It’s time to get to know one of our newest members a little bit better. Chris,  I could easily ask you all the typical questions (how long have you been drawing? Did you read Calvin & Hobbes? What motivates you?) but lets make this more fun. We are, after all, complete human beings […]


Wizard World Philly: Recap

The Summary I’ve done the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con  for the past 3 years now. It’s a no-brainer for me to go as it’s only a half hour away. I was worried before my first show here, as I had been hearing how the Wizard World shows are going downhill and they’re not built […]


Pick of the Week: Holiday Wars

  What if all the childhood holiday characters REALLY existed? What if you found out there’s really a Santa Claus at the North Pole, or the Easter Bunny actually delivers candy…. and has quite a temper, I might add? What if other lesser celebrated holidays had representative characters or people, such as Labor Day or […]


Back That Thing Up! Breaking Down Online Back-up Services

  We at the Alliance have pestered you via aticles on this website. We have reminded you on the podcast. Heck, if we met you in person, we probably nagged you about it then, too. BACK UP YOUR STUFF! For the LOVE of all that is HOLY! You still haven’t? Yeah yeah, you’ve been meaning […]


Pick of the Week : Marooned

Really, Tom Dell’aringa explains this comic best and most succinctly: “It’s Gilligan’s Island on Mars.” Marooned isn’t really a gag comic strip (anymore- in its early stages it was structured more like a comic strip), but it can be quite funny. For a long-form story, it is very easy to jump into and Tom’s detailed […]


Webcomic News Round-up: Early 2012

If you’re a business-minded creator, you know it’s best to keep up with the latest news in our ever-growing field. The Webcomics business is still very much in it’s early stages, and while the technology-based media (like, say, PC Mag) will run articles on the latest-and-greatest webcomics out there, most of the country is still […]


Pick of the Week: Friends With Boys

A perfect blend of coming-of-age drama and ghostly tales, Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks is this week’s Pick of the Week. I hardly ever have the time to devote to reading long-form comics (which is why I typically prefer the quick-pace of comic strips), but this one just snatched up my attention and […]


What Art School Taught Me About Comics

If you caught the reference in the title graphic, well, you’re probably a product of an art school yourself or just love indie-films about art school. We’re a different breed, we definitely didn’t have the usual college experience… no frats or sororities, lots of “free-thinking” and unstructured projects, probably twice the drugs, and a whole […]


Pick of the Week: Calamities of Nature

Hello all, Dawn here withmy first “Pick of the Week”, this week’s being an old favorite of mine “Calamities of Nature” by Tony Piro. Within a few minutes of perusing Tony’s site, the realization of the intelligent mind behind these thoughtful, existential and profound comics will hook you for good. This isn’t your average gag-a-day […]


Character Challenge #26: Year of the Dragon

Every other week, we accept a challenge from one of the Webcomic Community’s biggest supporters – Todd McElmurry. Todd has brought us challenges such as BBQ Disaster, Christmas in July, Dummies for Dummies and a whole lot more. But change is upon us with the new year, so this week’s Character Challenge is brought to you […]


10 Questions for Creators to Consider

  So, maybe you’ve been inspired by a few favorite comics out there, and are thinking about starting your own (web)comic. Naturally, you have some reservations and are asking yourself, “Am I talented enough? Can I keep up with updates? What if no one find my comic funny? How long before I make cute little […]


Feedburner 101: Email Subscriptions

  Let’s start this day off with a little tutorial on an important “Push” tool for webcomics: the email newsletter. As great as RSS readers and bookmarks and sites like InkOutbreak are, there’s a LOT of webcomics out there for readers to catch up on. Yours easily gets lost in the shuffle. That’s where “push” […]


Do’s and Don’ts of Webcomic Website Design

  We all wish we could stumble on Magic Answers, to the  questions like “How do I better market my comic?”, “How long will it take before my readership starts growing?”, “When is best to start exhibiting at conventions?” … as well as “What are the rules for creating the best website design?”. I hate […]


You Know You’re a NYCC Exhibitor If…..

I have been to many comic cons now (no, not San Diego… yet), but nothing on the East Coast even comes close to the utter insanity of New York Comic Con.  It’s not just tabling or exhibiting, it’s fending for your life and precious personal space. Debating whether to leave your table to use the […]


Dawn’s Convention Resource Guide

Whether you’re contemplating your first convention and wondering “what the heck am I gonna put on that table??”, or you’ve done a handful now and still looking to tweak your presentation or find new goodies to pass out, I wanted to put together an article laying out all the resources I have found useful. Printers, […]


A New Twist: Intervention Con

After exhibiting at a good handful of conventions, even a successful comic con can start to feel a little… vanilla. Most have the same basic structure, the same folks who exhibiting attracting the same crowds. They all begin to blur together. So, from a business standpoint for a WEBcomic creator, it’s good to exert yourself […]


So You Wanna Put Your Comic on the Web

  Following up the motivational beginner articles by Ken Drab and Drezz, about how to start creating a comic from scratch, the next step is to get that chicken scratch online! Now, there are varied viewpoints on how many comics you should crank out before “going live” with your website… or if you should start […]