1. I am a big fan of http://4imprint.com.

    Also free setup plus they will send you samples.

    Always thought of bags. Rarely are they provided at cons and at least it would get people to see your brand. Plus haven’t looked at cost but if you do the Eco bags for groceries they may get kept and used

    • awesome, thanks for the suggestion Bearman!
      I have considered plastic bags too, as people always ask me if I have any. To get them to KEEP the bag however, yes, you’d have to spring for the eco-friendly durable bags like Ryan and Lar of Least I Could Do have made.. I see them everywhere at cons!

      • Even with those, if you sold them for $1-2 just to cover costs, I think you would have some appreciative people paying you so they didn’t have to lug a bunch of loose stuff.

  2. I’m thinking about making mini notepads or mini comics as giveaways. Does anyone have experience with these? Seems like the trick is getting the cost low enough to be affordable.

    • Not sure about notepads, but offering a “minicomic” for cheap IS important I think. Many have a hard time springing for the $15 collection, if they never read my comic before, and having a $5 minibook there will at least allow them to buy something without the guilt. Plus, it gets your content in their hands— far more effective than a stressball with your logo, heh.

      • Cheaper items are a good idea for sure. But I was thinking a SUPER mini comic, like a single sheet folded into a four page or tiny 8-page comic. The notepad idea was inspired by those little pads you get in hotel rooms. 16 sheets, one fourth of an 8.5×11 page. I don’t know if you can buy them; I want to handcraft some and I think they’ll cost less than 50 cents each.

      • Addendum to my previous comment: I did a quick check of Quality Logo Products and they have notepads and sticky notes that aren’t too pricey. What do you think, pros and cons? Seems like they might end up next to a computer! (Unless I’m the only one who still jots down notes on sticky notes these days, LOL).

        • I think it’s not a bad idea, honestly. maybe you could do something fun with it that ties into your comic (more than just a logo in the corner)… like use a cartoon balloon for the writing area, or give the person something goofy to fill in with a doodle.
          For instance, if I made something like this for Z&F, I might have it say “YOU’RE WEIRD BECAUSE…” across the top, with Zorphbert pointing at the viewer and a blank balloon. URL at the bottom of course. The idea being that people could make a joke in the balloon and stick the note to someone’s door, desk, etc.
          Plus, it would get the URL around, too.

      • After doing my first con ever a couple weekends ago (SPX), I was wondering if mini-comics were the way to go at conventions, so that people who wanted to check out my comic could do so without springing for the full $15 book. Awesome to see that my thoughts are correct on this! 🙂

        • Mini comics have been especially big at indie shows like SPX (which, Chris Flick and I were also at this year!). But my $5 minibook sells well at regular comic cons as well. Kids like being able to spend their allotted cash from their parents, and $5 is reasonable.

  3. Dang gone it… I just got the Avengers Blu-ray today but now, instead of watching it right away, I’m going through Quality Logo Products’ website and looking at all of their stuff!!! LOL!

    Actually, on a serious note, I had never heard of them before. I haven’t yet seen anything that really strikes me as something I could easily tie in to Capes & Babes & still be relatively cheap. I have always like the can/beer openers though so that might still be a possibility.


    • Oh yes, there’s plenty of other services out there that will do imprinting. I picked one at random. There are so many possibilities with so many products.. it’s fun to get your gears turning.

      I’m liking the notepad post-it-note idea, that CC Rogers came up with. You can customize it any way you want to make a notepad useful in a creative way.

  4. This got me wanting to bring up something that I question. As someone who doesn’t do cons (because I don’t show my face in public..haha) I am wondering if there are artists willing to let you cobrand products to sell/giveaway at cons.

    Ex if I did an ecobag and had my Logo URL and also the person sponsoring the tables as well, would they like that because they had something to giveaway at no cost to themselves or not because it might be confusing.

    • I know that personally, I’d totally be down for this (providing that I had the funds available to do so). It wouldn’t hurt to ask around to see who else would bite, that’s for sure.

    • Eco-bags, or even just 1-color plastic bags, are something I think is very clever and usable. Least I Could Do has their full color eco-bag, and people will reuse it at other cons… a walking advertisement, everywhere! And if there’s one thing people ask me repeatedly for, it’s a bag.
      Now, going in on the cost with someone else, preferably someone with a similar comic in terms of content, is a great idea as well. Order a ton and use wherever you go. Might be good idea for us right here at the Alliance!

      • got a quote in like 10 minutes! Not bad at all!
        For 150 bags (the minimum), the total with everything would be $175.35. So, charging $2-3 would be best of you don’t want to lose any money, but I doubt ppl would pay more than that. I still like my idea of tipping me for a swag bag!

        I also wonder about lugging these around at cons– how much space they’d take up.

  5. Be careful about stickers at some conventions; a lot of times attendees who take stickers will arbitrarily paste them all over the area where the convention is being held, which some building owners see as ‘graffiti’ (especially if it damages the paint or other surfaces where it was stuck to). Who will they hold accountable? The person whose name/website is on the sticker!

    Just a head’s up; again, probably not every convention enforces that notion, but I’ve seen it happen before to innocent vendors who had no idea their stickers were “causing damage”.

  6. Very late to this conversation…

    Branding things sounds like a good strategy for those who are established with their comics (updates running smoothly, good healthy archive, etc). However, I’m wondering if it is such a good strategy for those of us just starting out. I’ve been thinking of hitting a couple of conventions in my region to promote my comic (due to launch in early April provided nothing ELSE goes wrong), but I’m conflicted. How much should one promote at the start of the game? Are conventions even worth the effort this early?

    (I have had some ideas for items: sketchcards, prints, and – more in keeping with the ideas suggested here – department badges and mission patches related to the story. But before I invest the effort, it’d help to know how much effort should be employed… lest I wind up with a lot of promo material that will not move).

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  8. I’m a bit late to the party, but had something that others might find useful.

    I’ve known people to get small vinyl stickers, and just stick them onto products to redistribute (so kind of like what the person with Devil’s Panties did with the hand sanitizer)

    Though, I’d put a price tag on any promotional items I give away that do not happen to be business cards. From my experience, people that get free things will simply take it and be careless with it because it was free. If they had to pay for it, even if it was $0.50, it is less likely to be lost/destroyed.

    It also helps to add on more value to an item if you claim it’s a price slash (claim it’s 75% the original price as a “promotional event” or something) that way the person that buys the item will view it as worth the higher amount, and more likely to treat it that way. I’ve seen this work even if the item was a simple sticker or pen.

    • well said, Jay. It’s all about creating VALUE– both for your comic itself and the promo materials you’re offering. For cheap things like pens, buttons, keychains, etc… they should be worth something monetarily for the reason you stated. I like the idea of a discount event– like maybe a 2-for-$1 deal on buttons. People LOVE to sort through a basket of trinkets and pick their favorites. I’ve been offering a treasure-chest-type “surprise” in a combo deal, encouraging people to get a book. That works fairly well!

      Thanks for the feedback!

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