Comic Brand-Aid: Let’s Build a Brand!

Starting today we’re going to build a fictitious comic – and we want your ideas and feedback! Then I’ll compile all the information and build the brand through a series of videos that will be featured here on the Webcomic Alliance website. The idea is that then you’ll be able to see how you use that as a tutorial for your comic!

Want to get involved? It’s easy if you follow the Webcomic Alliance or me (Ken Drab) as Rick the Stick on twitter, or just watch the hashtag #brandaid. Nothing is too crazy or silly – we just want to keep it rated PG!

Thanks in advance!

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    • heh, ‘Pants on Fire’, ‘Burning Down the House’, ‘Blaze Brannigan: Firefighter (oooh sounds like Mary Worth type comic…lol)’, ‘Scortched’, ‘Burnt’, any term that would relate to a fire or what a fire can do, I like ‘Hosed’ as suggested by Jynksie… The use of codes would be confusing as not everyone would get the joke, and they have pretty much phased out 10 codes for plain talk. Could use slang like “gomer dome” for retirement home, etc.

  1. A couple of gamers sitting on a couch talking about video games. Nah, no one would even read anything like that… oh wait.

    I think the firehouse comic might be a good idea though. Or Diner where Super-Villains meet, oppps I did that already, still a good idea though.

  2. Something with cats. People are going nuts for cat cartoons and comics.

    Maybe a cat that lives at the local fire department, and it loves to sit on the couch and play video games.

      • YEAH! That’s good. Maybe it could be like Quantum Leap-ish, and the cat keeps getting transported to different comics. That would be great for a writer who doesn’t have a consistent artist to work with. Every time the cat gets transported, a new artist joins.

  3. This months course for my masters degree is about branding. I suggested the Comic From Hell on twitter yesterday. I say we make it zany as all hell, since it is fictitious. We could position it as a “religious” comic! Ha!

    Tj – Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic

  4. Okay folks! Great start – let’s take a vote! Here are the ideas:

    Comic Type:
    Firehouse (submitted by Bo)
    Firehouse with Quantum Cat (submitted by Nick with help from Terri)

    Ladder One or Hosed (submitted by Jynksie)
    Pants on Fire, Burning Down the House, Blaze Brannigan: Firefighter, Scortched or Burnt (submitted by Karl)
    Fire in the Hole (submitted by Antoine)

    Comic From Hell ‘Marketing’s Biggest Nightmare’ (submitted via Twitter from Terri)

    What do you think??

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