Dr. Banner – The Banner Doctor: Whiskey Falls

Patient name: Oh-No Comics and Whiskey Falls
Patient Origins: In the mountains of southern Pennsylvania lurks a small town, Whiskey Falls. Named for the Great Whiskey Falls on the Whiskey River in Moey County. The river is named from all the backwoods stills used to make Whiskey along its banks. It is just your average small town with its own charm and isn’t too far from the slightly bigger towns of Cold Creek and Moey where you can find better restaurants and shopping. In the village of Whiskey Falls lives our cast of characters.
Banners presented for initial review:

Whiskey Falls Leaderboard

Banner presented for review: Whiskey Falls

Doctors notes:
Whiskey Falls banner is a leaderboard featuring a red background, two of the main characters and a quote from Brian Anderson of ‘Dog Eat Doug’. Other banners presented for family history.

Initial diagnosis:
The main banner of focus (leaderboard) is consistent with site and comic. Potentially misleading and confusing with OH-NO Comics.

The red is a strong bold color and is great for getting attention. You’d assume we all would want to use that to get attention, but that’s not the point. The color is consistent with the site and features the characters with little distraction. It also features a quote from a popular comic artist which lends instant credibility.

If you’ve followed this series of article reviews, you’re aware that I preach the three c’s, which is to say that your banners are clear, concise and compelling. This banner certainly is clear and concise – and if nothing else, the quote makes it compelling…

So what’s missing?

Recommended treatment:

Quite simply, a call to action would be great. On this size banner it would be very easy to add. Additionally, I noticed that on the older and smaller banners, the domain is on them, but absent from the larger banners. Now while it’s not completely necessary to feature your domain name – in this instance I would recommend it.

The reason is that Whiskey Falls is not the domain name you land on when you go to visit the comic – it resides at OH-NO Comics and could easily confuse the reader.

The banner we focused on is a solid foundation based on the comic and website. The look and feel may not be for everyone, but in this case I think with some minor tweaks, it’s a good start. I’d be interested to see how the other sizes layout.

I’ll be taking volunteers to help improve their ads and we’ll ask readers for their feedback. If you’d like to volunteer your comic’s banners, send an email to rtswebmail [at] gmail [dot] com – make sure you put ‘Dr. Banner – the Banner Doctor’ as the subject. Not all banners will be reviewed, but I will try to get to everyone.

Ken Drab sporting the thin faced lookKen Drab (me) has a small brain but a savant-like interest in branding, marketing and design. He better, that’s what he gets paid to do in real life. In make believe – he’s a webcomicker.

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  1. Thanks Ken. I will have to work on adding the URL or “a part of OH-NO Comics” to the banner. I have been meaning to get the smaller banners redone as well. I got the idea for putting the quote on the banner from the Rip Haywire ad which has a Pastis quote on it. I hope Brian doesn’t mind that I used a bit of his forward he wrote for my book for this ad.

    Thanks again. My ad fared better than I expected for this review.

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