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Bill McKay

Folks, for the Pick of the Month for September, I want to do something a little different. I want to introduce all of the Webcomic Alliance audience to a real great friend of mine and a fantastic illustrator, Bill McKay.

I first met Bill a few years ago at a very small, one day show in Southern Maryland. Since that time, we have become great friends and have travelled together to quite a few shows since that one day show. I have learned a great deal from him – especially the crazy, wild business of sketch card illustration so I thought it would be fun to let you all get to know Bill and his art.

Now, to be fair, I have to warn some of you that Bill does a wide assortment of illustrations but what I think he is particularly good at is drawing cheesecake pin-ups. He also has illustrated a wildly demented, comical but certainly not safe for work, comic boom titled Night of the 80’s Undead (more on that in a moment) so if you’re not into that sort of thing, I hope you give his other illustration work a chance (rumor has it, he has been known to drawn a pretty awesome Thor Minion as well as some other fantastic convention commissions as well)…

But really, the best way to get to know Bill is through his own words so, without further delay, Bill McKay, folks…

Bill, where would people first recognize your stuff?

I got into the comic field in late 2010 working on Moonstone’s Zombies vs Cheerleaders. It’s a book I worked on over three years before hooking up with writer Jason Martin in 2012. Jason wrote and I illustrated Night of the 80’s Undead. It was a John Hughes meets George Romero campy, gory, silly homage to 80’s horror and teen comedy films. It was released late 2012 as a launch title for the mature imprint of Action Lab called Danger Zone. 

Are you currently working on anything at the moment?

I’m currently writing and drawing the sequel titled Night of the 80’s Undead: Hardcore. It’s about a few skate punk friends that get caught up during a zombie outbreak at a hardcore show in Washington DC. It’s all new characters and takes place on the same night as the original series.

Is that all you’re working on at the moment?

Not at all. Right now, I’m currently taking on any extra cover, pinup and commission work that comes along. 

You and I go to a lot of conventions together. What upcoming shows are you planning on being at?

You can find me this fall at the Baltimore Comic Con as well as the New York Comicon. In December, I plan on being at the Steel City Show in Monroeville, PA.

I saw that you just put up a new Facebook banner for your Baltimore Table.

Yeah. I will be in Artist Alley Table A249. here’s the banner art you’re talking about:


So, besides conventions, where can people find more of your stuff?

You can find a lot more of my stuff at billmckay.deviantart.com

Alright. Can you think of ANYTHING else people should know about? Maybe a new project or anything else on the horizon – you know, especially with Halloween right around the corner?

Oh… oh yeah! ZOMBIE TRAMP! Zombie Tramp from Action Lab – Danger Zone comes out this month.


Super! Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions.
And folks, here is some more of Bill McKay’s incredible work:


80's Dead - 500px

Being a kid of the 80’s, there are several things that I love about Night of the 80’s Undead. If you loved the crazy
blending of years from Adam Sadler’s The Wedding Singer, you’ll love this book too since it is jammed packed with VERY
recognizable celebrities from the 80’s and absolutely chock full of ALL kinds of 80’s references.
Heck, on one of the covers (not this one, unfortunately), Bill even managed to slip it a small Simon Says game.
But again, this book is definitely for adults only. I would have said “mature audiences” but it’s
so wildly delicious in its gore, only an immature person such as myself would giggle at it.


This is the type of stuff you’ll find at billmckay.deviantart.com



I hope you enjoyed seeing the art of Bill McKay and getting to know one of my very close and dear “convention buddies”. I also hope you’re as mesmerized by his art as i have always been and will consider getting a commissioned piece from him.

And thanks for dropping in and checking out the month’s Webcomic Alliance Pick of the Month!


me_at_va_comiconChris Flick just figured out how to put his photo and bio information at the end of these Webcomic Alliance articles. When he’s not wracking his brain on how to do that, he’s busy being a full time web and graphic designer working in the Washington DC area. When he’s not doing that, he’s working on his Capes & Babes webcomic which he created back in 2007. When he’s not doing ANY of those things, he’s usually at a convention on the east coast of the United States.

Chris just recently published his 1,000th Capes & Babes strips. You can read them all by going to his website, Capes & Babes. You can also visit his woefully outdated portfolio web site at  CSF Graphics. And if you’re interested in seeing some of the wild Minion Mash-ups Chris has become known for, you should visit his Pinterest Minion Mash-Up Board. You can also find Chris on Facebook and Twitter by doing a search for “Capesnbabes”.

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  1. Very cool! I’ve heard of Bill, but never really looked closely at his stuff. I’m a fan now! Thanks for doing this, Chris! 🙂

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