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I really hate Bill Walko…

Now, if you’re asking yourself “who the heck is Bill Walko and why does Chris hate him?” then it’s obvious you’ve never read The Hero Business and if that’s the case, then the first thing you need to do is click that link, head over to Bill’s site so you can also end up hating him as much as I do.

Now, if you have heard of The Hero Business, then you know exactly why I hate Bill so much. I hate the fact that this guy continues to crank out awesomely funny, super hero-related cartoons that puts a humorous slant on very familiar comic book tropes like this:



And creates absolutely spot-on jokes only TRUE and long-time comic book readers will appreciate (and help explain how “naughty parts” on super powered people always seem to so conveniently get covered up, no matter what)… you know, like this:


I also hate the fact that this Bill guy produces some absolutely fabulous illustrations spoofing comic books AND popular properties like Mad Men and Batman villains…


And I REALLY get ticked off at him whenever he produces some fantastic pin-ups, illustrations and commissions like this kind of awesome crap:


I mean, seriously… you all can see why it’s so easy to hate the guy, right? I mean, with The Hero Business, the dude brings back some really fond memories of a short lived Marvel comic called Damage Control – and if you remember the year when Damage Control was first published, then you should be equally upset that Bill just reminded you how old you are. Again, another reason to totally hate the guy.

Chris, are you serious?

Of course I’m serious.

Bill is one talented dude and one terrific cartoonist. And every time I read his stuff, I equally love it and hate it at the same time because, even as I am admiring and laughing at the latest exploits of all the various characters that work at The Hero Business, I am also secretly muttering under my breath “Dammit, I should have thought of that joke”.

So, in a way, knowing and being friends with Bill is also kind of like being friends with a fellow comedian, going on tour with him and then watching him kill on stage… you’re happy for him but somewhere deep, deep down in the bowels of human flesh, you also secretly want to strangle the guy for making you laugh at jokes you wish you came up with.

But seriously…

Bill’s character’s are also fun to draw. Back somewhere in my Capes & Babes archives, you can find a short story arc where Roy was looking for work and happened to find temporary office work at The Hero Business. Bill was incredibly gracious to let me play with his characters for a short while and they were really fun to draw.

But you can also hate Bill as much as I do…

The good news is there are a couple of ways to do so.

First, you can check out his webcomic at the aforementioned The Hero Business.

Another way to find out how you can also hate and be as jealous of Bill as I am is by checking out his newly launched Kickstarter campaign for his “Season One Graphic Novel”.

Bill has been creating The Hero Business for over five years now so if you’re intimidated, or don’t have the patience to properly cultivate your hatred for Bill by clicking through a five year archive, supporting his Kickstarter will provide you with a faster and easier way of building up your jealousy and hatred for Bill.

And then you can be just like me.

Full of hate and jealous rage.

But  also incredibly entertained.


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