Talking with Oni about InterventionCon 6


So this past weekend – August 14th, 15th and 16th – was the sixth annual InterventioCon. Over the years, I have had a bit of a difficulty describing to people exactly what InterventionCon is because it is NOT your typical everyday convention. It’s not strictly webcomics. It’s not strictly podcasts. It’s not about comic books or blogging. It is not about gaming or anime. It is not about some guy that goes traveling across the universe in a blue police box. It is not about zombies, vampires or even werewolves for that matter.

It really is ALL of those things.

And so much more.

But, during the events last weekend, I was able to snag the creator of the convention –Oni (Onezumi) Hartstein – for a few short minutes and have her tell you all – in her own words – EXACTLY what InterventionCon is. And if you follow ANY of Oni online presence… Facebook, Twitter, Instgram and who knows what else – you know Oni is one super, super busy lady. So I was much appreciative not only of her inviting me to the show as a guest but also giving me precious minutes of her even more precious time.

Now, for long time readers of the Webcomic Alliance, you all know I very rarely ever do video segments. That’s kind of Robin’s theme. But I do try every once in a while. So, please excuse the first few seconds of this video. It gets WAY better once Oni pops up on the screen – I promise. So, without further ado, Webcomic Alliance readers, I present to you… ONI HARTSTEIN:



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