The IRS and You

  I received an email from a good reader and participant here at Webcomic Alliance, Robin Dempsey of  She asked some great questions about starting up a business.  Eventually, all us artists will sell stuff and have some sort of income from our work.  How do we handle it?  What are the legal and […]


Do’s and Don’ts of Webcomic Website Design

  We all wish we could stumble on Magic Answers, to the  questions like “How do I better market my comic?”, “How long will it take before my readership starts growing?”, “When is best to start exhibiting at conventions?” … as well as “What are the rules for creating the best website design?”. I hate […]


Going Up! The Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is an enigma. Part creative, part marketing, part magic. That doesn’t mean equal parts and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone. The hardest part is getting started. To actually submerse yourself into the process – especially if you’re not sure what the process is. That’s where I think I […]


A New Twist: Intervention Con

After exhibiting at a good handful of conventions, even a successful comic con can start to feel a little… vanilla. Most have the same basic structure, the same folks who exhibiting attracting the same crowds. They all begin to blur together. So, from a business standpoint for a WEBcomic creator, it’s good to exert yourself […]


Dr. Banner – The Banner Doctor: LeyLines

Patient name: LeyLines Age: Less than one year old. Patient Origins: LeyLines is about “a brother and sister questing for truth. An ex-slave consumed by revenge and a guard captain with a terrible secret. A shadow monk who pays for his powers with his memories and a banished seer who sees visions of war. Secrets […]


Workshop Mailbag: Marketing Retired Comics

The Alliance wants to get more input from YOU guys. For this, we’d like to do a Webcomic Workshop together regarding one specific issue. Let’s be fun and constructive. I’ll post the actual issue below, make my own comments and then, of course, you guys can start discussing. You can either reply to my own […]


Workshop Mailbag: ComicPress vs. Tumblr

In our efforts to get more feedback from everyone – we’re clearly not the definitive experts – we’re opening up our mailbag to you. This will be a weekly feature this summer so if you have questions you want answered head over to the contact form and give us the isssssuuuue. If we don’t cover […]


10 Terrific Tips for Building Bad@ss Banners: Part 2

In part one of this article, we covered the first five tips for building bad@ss banners. Hopefully that gave you a taste of the potential power by building a banner to get the most for your buck(s). Not to mention, this article is free but clearly is a $100 value – and is not available […]


10 Terrific Tips for Building Bad@ss Banners

Starting that Project Oh-So-Wonderful campaign? Advertising on a friend’s site by swapping banners? Making an ad for a cool t-shirt design? Excellent! Just to make sure you’ve crossed your eyes and dotted your tees or something of the sort – let’s run down ten tips on making that banner make clickety-clicks for you. They are […]


8 Basic Branding Tips

While some of the feedback on the branding articles has been great, I thought it would be useful if we took a step back and got a little more general, than the specific recommendations I’ve been giving in the ‘Comic Brand-Aid’ series. These are general tips and not a scientific formula – you may come […]


Dr. Banner – The Banner Doctor: Whiskey Falls

Patient name: Oh-No Comics and Whiskey Falls Patient Origins: In the mountains of southern Pennsylvania lurks a small town, Whiskey Falls. Named for the Great Whiskey Falls on the Whiskey River in Moey County. The river is named from all the backwoods stills used to make Whiskey along its banks. It is just your average […]


Comic Brand-Aid: Let’s Build a Brand!

Starting today we’re going to build a fictitious comic – and we want your ideas and feedback! Then I’ll compile all the information and build the brand through a series of videos that will be featured here on the Webcomic Alliance website. The idea is that then you’ll be able to see how you use […]


Comic Brand-Aid: CONCLUSION – How Sweet It Is/Madbury

Comic Brand-Aid Follow-Up: How Sweet It Is/Madbury I first reviewed Scott Jenkin’s ‘How Sweet It’ with our first Brand-Aid article. Then I re-reviewed Madbury after Scott expressed on Twitter “I’ve been in branding hell since @RicktheStick band aided my comic”. Today is the conclusion of the hard work by Scott on his site, which I […]


What Leads to Success?

That’s the magic question. If there were an easy answer, we’d all be rich and sitting on a beach while a robot served us endless Piña Coladas.  But we’ve all seen Terminator and know how that ends.  So, back to my point.  What leads to success? A gentleman named Richard St. John spent more than […]


Comic Brand-Aid: FOLLOW UP – How Sweet It Is/Madbury

Comic Brand-Aid Follow-Up: How Sweet It Is/Madbury I first reviewed Scott Jenkin’s ‘How Sweet It’ with our first Brand-Aid article. Earlier this week, Scott made a comment on Twitter “I’ve been in branding hell since @RicktheStick band aided my comic. Still feeling my way around w/ concepts”, I thought it would be a great chance […]


Dr. Banner – The Banner Doctor: ArDuffle

Patient name: ArDuffle Age: Less than three months old Patient Origins: ArDuffle is an interactive comic providing you with answers to life’s deepest questions. Banners presented for initial review: Doctors notes: All of Arduffle’s banners feature the character and logo as well as a tagline. Smart choices for sizing. Initial diagnosis: Most of the banners […]


Battle of the Self-Publishing Services

If you’re like most cartoonists, a moment you hold dear is holding something tangible in your hands that is an attestation all of your hard work. We’d all like a trophy, yes; however, I am referring to the exhilarating moment of holding the first compilation of your own work. But this is not the easiest […]


Promoting Yourself Locally

We talk a lot about Social Networking on Twitter and Facebook, or even getting out and commenting on other comic sites to get your name out there.  But we often forget the biggest tool we have, and it’s right in front of you: where you live! Yes, your own town. “What?” you say?  “I live […]


Reader Email!

I like to have folks interact with us and I thought I’d pass along some questions we got from a listener to the podcast and share my answers with you all.  If you have some other thoughts to add to mine, feel free to add them in the comments area!  Everyone’s situation is different, but […]