What about Bob? A character’s perspective…

Too often we send time writing about things that directly affect and effect comic creators.  Is my site user-friendly?  Is the time I post new work the optimal time?  Should I even bother with eBooks? The biggest question that is ALWAYS overlooked is this: What about the characters?  Without the characters, none of that other […]


Manga Studio 5 Contest Winner!

We had a contest to win a copy of the new Manga Studio 5 on the last podcast of the year in 2012 and here’s the winner! You will be contacted by Smith Micro, the makers of Manga Studio 5 on how to claim your prize! I want to thank our sponsor of this contest, […]


Contest Results – Draw an Alien!

The Entries… By Pluto’s revoked Planetary status, did we get some fantastic entries!  The creativity!  The color!  The occasionally bizarre!  You all delivered in spades!  In fact — Dawn was so excited by the response that she decided to have not one, but TWO winners…A Webcomic Alliance Choice…and a READER’S CHOICE!  Scroll down for the […]


CONTEST! Draw an alien.

Lets see, so far we have challenged you to WRITE your own comic page, and LAYOUT a background or setting. Now it’s time to test your character design skills, Alliance community! If you have your own comic, you probably have characters you have labored over and have evolved over time… almost claiming a life of […]


Contest! Backgrounds with Character Challenge!

What’s the big deal about Backgrounds? It’s not just your characters that can have personality and moods — your backgrounds do too! Are your backgrounds bringing out the best in your work, or are they missed opportunities? They matter to everyone This isn’t just for long-form comics either — It can be key for a […]


CONTEST WINNER – Write Your Own Graphic Novel

A big hearty two thumbs up goes out to J. Kevin Carrier for his winning submission to the “Write You Own Graphic Novel – Caption Contest”! Kevin’s winning entry is posted below along with his script. We want to thank everyone who submitted entries for this contest and we hope you had as much fun […]