How to Side-Step Creator Burnout

Burn out. It happens to everyone. For some, the creative fires burn long and motivation seems to flow like a never ending stream. But one day, everything dries up and you’re left scratching your head and wondering where the magic has gone. This painful affliction haunts us all – much like the common cold, everyone […]


Webcomic Workshop #35

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Drezz was busy becoming a papa and Byron was busy doing whatever Byron does in New Orleans so it was up to Dawn, Antoine and Ken to resolve their issssssuuuuuues… This podcast we discuss: Dawn:  What do you think is most important to focus on when reviewing your stats […]


What Art School Taught Me About Comics

If you caught the reference in the title graphic, well, you’re probably a product of an art school yourself or just love indie-films about art school. We’re a different breed, we definitely didn’t have the usual college experience… no frats or sororities, lots of “free-thinking” and unstructured projects, probably twice the drugs, and a whole […]


Creating a Google-Friendly Website

The concerns are always the same – Google is updating their search algorithms and its becoming more and more difficult to ‘game’ the system. How are the honest producers of content expected to stay relevant and near the top of the rankings when there are others who are dedicated to experimenting and finding loopholes in […]


Inking Techniques (Numero Tres)

Hey kids! We’re back with the final instalment of the inking techniques tutorials. This week we’re going to learn about some methods to do inking digitally. If you have a WACOM tablet or ink using your mouse (hardcore!) you’ll find some of these tips that will work with favorite software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc). Let’s get to it! […]


10 Questions for Creators to Consider

  So, maybe you’ve been inspired by a few favorite comics out there, and are thinking about starting your own (web)comic. Naturally, you have some reservations and are asking yourself, “Am I talented enough? Can I keep up with updates? What if no one find my comic funny? How long before I make cute little […]


Ready, Set… ACTION Pose Tutorial

Get your pencils ready, kids – today we’re going to learn about drawing out a character sheet that shows off a series of different action poses. This character sheet is a good way of developing a bible or encyclopedia that ensures your character’s design remains consistent from every angle – similar to a character turn-around. […]


Feedburner 101: Email Subscriptions

  Let’s start this day off with a little tutorial on an important “Push” tool for webcomics: the email newsletter. As great as RSS readers and bookmarks and sites like InkOutbreak are, there’s a LOT of webcomics out there for readers to catch up on. Yours easily gets lost in the shuffle. That’s where “push” […]


Draw Every Day!

“How did you get so good at drawing?” I get asked this question a lot. The answer is simple. I draw ALL the time. Sure there’s some latent talent that I tapped into, but let’s face it – EVERYONE can learn how to draw. It’s imagining WHAT to draw that is the difficult part. I’ll […]


Illustrator Tips, Tricks and Techniques: Working With Layers

Hey everyone! I did a video look at how I use layers and some of the effects that I employ when I use them. This is a good next step from Dawn Griffin’s Adobe Illustrator 101 videos (part 1 and part 2) Illustrator Tips, Tricks and Techniques: Working With Layers Hello there! My name is […]


Inking Techniques (Part Deux)

Howdy again folks, we’re back at it with part two (deux for you Frenchies out there) of my articles on Inking Techniques. I will explain a variety of different traditional inking techniques you can try out on your own hand drawn works and in part three of this series, I’ll explain how to apply them […]


The IRS and You

  I received an email from a good reader and participant here at Webcomic Alliance, Robin Dempsey of http://leylinescomic.com.  She asked some great questions about starting up a business.  Eventually, all us artists will sell stuff and have some sort of income from our work.  How do we handle it?  What are the legal and […]


Do’s and Don’ts of Webcomic Website Design

  We all wish we could stumble on Magic Answers, to the  questions like “How do I better market my comic?”, “How long will it take before my readership starts growing?”, “When is best to start exhibiting at conventions?” … as well as “What are the rules for creating the best website design?”. I hate […]


Coloring in Photoshop – Basic Tutorial

Okay folks – back with another tutorial on coloring techniques. Since most creators use Photoshop, I’ve created the tutorial using the program – but, the steps are fairly basic and can be ported over to your artwork software of choice. Today, I’m going to show you how to color a simple character you’ve drawn and […]


Coloring and Inking Tips in Illustrator

Hey guys! I did me a little video which you could piggyback off of Dawn’s great Digital Techniques series. I discuss some of the pros for drawing in Illustrator: clean lines, editability and the vector-based format, in addition to showing you some techniques such as layer effects, masking, shortcuts, and templates. I didn’t get to […]


Inking Techniques – Traditional vs. Digital (Part One)

Hi folks! Over the next few articles, I’m going to show you all the differences between traditional inking and digital inking. They both have their benefits and inconveniences, but being fluent in both methods will make you a more well rounded artist overall. In this first part, I’m going to show you the basics of […]


You Know You’re a NYCC Exhibitor If…..

I have been to many comic cons now (no, not San Diego… yet), but nothing on the East Coast even comes close to the utter insanity of New York Comic Con.  It’s not just tabling or exhibiting, it’s fending for your life and precious personal space. Debating whether to leave your table to use the […]


Going Up! The Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is an enigma. Part creative, part marketing, part magic. That doesn’t mean equal parts and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone. The hardest part is getting started. To actually submerse yourself into the process – especially if you’re not sure what the process is. That’s where I think I […]


Dawn’s Convention Resource Guide

Whether you’re contemplating your first convention and wondering “what the heck am I gonna put on that table??”, or you’ve done a handful now and still looking to tweak your presentation or find new goodies to pass out, I wanted to put together an article laying out all the resources I have found useful. Printers, […]