it takes more…the discipline of webcomics

So, webcomics.  You want to start one, right? It takes a lot more than server space and a scanner to make that happen.  I mean, if you want it to last that is. As of this writing, I’ve been drawing Bob the Squirrel for ELEVEN YEARS.  That’s a one with another one right after it. […]


Character Design Basics

You can’t have a comic without characters. Having well-designed characters that can express elements of their personality or temperament is quite helpful to the reader, but there are some tips that can really take your characters to another level. There are so many characters from comics, cartoons, TV shows, movies, and other media that have […]


A Guide to Hand-Lettering Your Strips…

I think I should start this article off by letting everyone know this really isn’t an article about HOW to hand-letter your strips… that would be akin to writing an article on how to draw – and let’s face it, there isn’t one single article that will be able to teach you how to draw. […]


Drawing with Drezz #1

Okay folks, the first drawing with Drezz video has landed. Wanna know how I draw El Cuervo? Check out the secrets behind my “pro”cess in this first video of the series. It’s about 30 minutes long, but well worth it. Got any questions? Feel free to give me a shout in the comments section below. […]


Talking ’bout Sketch Cards!

Hey kids! Today, I want to talk to you about sketch cards and show you how you can make your own custom cards that will, hopefully, help you stand out from the convention crowd. Sketch cards have recently taken off in popularity the last couple of years – and, as you might guess, there are […]


Long-Form Brainstorming Bonanza!

Stories don’t just pop into our heads fully-formed and perfect. In fact, sometimes when we sit down to start a chapter, ideas don’t want to form at all. So let’s bust those brainstorming blocks with some in-depth tips on where to start: character arc, common ground in the cast, and theme development. The 20 minute […]


180 degree rule

Crafting a Viewer’s Perceptions What is the 180 degree rule? We see it in use the most in film. If a character enters from the right side of the screen, they stay on that side and face the same direction, even when the scene cuts from shot to shot. This helps create a sense of […]


Birth of a Comic in Manga Studio 5

(Byron’s note: I’ve also created this tutorial in PDF form which will read a bit easier on most screens.  Download that PDF HERE.) I thought by sharing my workflow in the new Manga Studio 5, it would illustrate how the updated software works plus demonstrate the basic tools and operations of the software.  This is […]


InDesign 101: Part 2

Take your seats, class. If you followed directions and did your homework from our last session, you should have gathered all the specifications from your printer as well as set up all your comic files to be easily placed into an InDesign document. You may have even started a new document and set up your […]


InDesign 101: Part ONE

Even if we refer to our comic as a “WEBcomic”, one of our typical goals as a cartoonist/creator is to eventually collect our comics in book-form, to sell and actually earn some profit from our endless hard work and strict deadlines. While we may have mastered Adobe Photoshop, and possibly even tinkered with Illustrator enough […]


No Comments? No Friends? No Problem!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at this for 10 days, 10 months or 10 years. Getting people to comment on your comic/artwork/writing is something we ALL struggle with. It’s not rocket science, but it can appear that way sometimes. We’ve all tried different strategies to incite engagement, but people just don’t seem to hang […]


Inking tutorial by Stephen Silver

Stephen Silver is a multi-talented artist and many of you may know him from his work on the Disney cartoon “Kim Possible” (one of my favs).  Here he’s showing how he inks an illustration of the “Rocketeer” and explains his techniques.  Click the banner above to read the original post on Stephen’s blog.  Enjoy!


Growing Your Comic with Subscribers Part 1

  One of the many things we have to do, or should do, as independent comic creators is to manage our readers.  From the start, we should be enticing our readers to get involved in our comic.  One great way, which most of us do already, is through the comments section.  You should interact with […]


Editing your strips…

I have a confession to make. I love to write – whether it was short stories, final exam essays or even speeches – it doesn’t matter. Maybe one of the reasons was because I was fortunate to have a high school English teacher that really encouraged all of his students to write, write, write and […]


Composition 101 – Laying out your Comic Page

Layouts with proper composition will capture your reader’s attention and keep them focused on your comic. If this is done poorly, chances are, you’ve given them the opportunity to exit your page instead of leading them through it. Today, I’m going to show you how to improve the composition of your page layout. This should […]


A new way to give a critique

I recently came across an old and famous internet news story about the great artist and animator Alex Toth giving the great Steve Rude a harsh critique regarding some of Steve Rude’s Johnny Quest pages he had penciled earlier in his career. If you Google “Alex Toth and Steve Rude”, you’ll get plenty of links […]


Anatomy of a logo

This is for all the graphic designers out there… I thought it would be interesting if I explained a little bit about how I came up with the design for Capes & Babes since I did go to school for graphic design. I also thought this might be interesting for all those that love fonts […]


Web Comic UI is All Skin and Bones

Note: The following article was submitted by Rob Stenzinger. His contact info is at the bottom of the article. I have an interesting case for you, detective. It’s about investigating what comprises your comic’s User Interface (UI) and separating the skin and the bones. Web Comic UI Detective Vision Have you ever played the video […]


Inking Techniques (Numero Tres)

Hey kids! We’re back with the final instalment of the inking techniques tutorials. This week we’re going to learn about some methods to do inking digitally. If you have a WACOM tablet or ink using your mouse (hardcore!) you’ll find some of these tips that will work with favorite software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc). Let’s get to it! […]


Feedburner 101: Email Subscriptions

  Let’s start this day off with a little tutorial on an important “Push” tool for webcomics: the email newsletter. As great as RSS readers and bookmarks and sites like InkOutbreak are, there’s a LOT of webcomics out there for readers to catch up on. Yours easily gets lost in the shuffle. That’s where “push” […]