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Welcome to the Alliance Chat! This podcast will be about various topics in not only the comic industry, but nearly anything that effects creators of all types. And sometimes just plain old life issues.

In this podcast, we chat about: I am at a crossroads: I’ve been working on my Webcomic, Space Pest Removal, for almost 2 years. Anniversary is in May! My renewal for my server is coming up and it is making me look back and see how it has progressed. I am posting about it on FB fanpage and twitter 3 times a week. I’ve only ever missed one deadline (my B-day this year). And I can honestly say that my readership has not really grown all of that much during that time.

I have yet to do Project Wonderful or other promotional ads. I don’t think I am in a position to start doing ads on my website… not enough readership I think. I had created a self-published book just before the start of the webcomic and started to attend conventions. I thought that I would use the this opportunity to promote the webcomic. What evolved out of that, was to start selling posters. I make a lot of $$ through the posters.  More than the book and… there is no money coming from the webcomic.

My question is this: Should I concentrate on just doing posters or should I have a specific goal to try to attain by year 3? I am not sure what that should be.
Thanks, Richtoon,

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  1. GREAT podcast folks! While I don’t feel at a ‘crossroads’ yet, it gave me tons to think about! My comic is in it’s infancy but as I close in on year 1 I will have to make adjustments to how I do things. I will have to start advertising AND making sellable products (and finding the time to to do both!) Thanks again! Look forward to your next podcast!

  2. Wow, a ton of stuff chocked into that one! A lot of good things for any of us to consider in there, so thanks!

    Also, congratulations to Byron for having the courage to end his run on 1977 – Now, that’s CERTAINLY not saying “glad to see it go”, but rather that it takes real grit to look at your baby and take that leap. You should be proud of what you achieved with 1977, and rest assured we can’t wait to see what is next on the horizon 😀

  3. Wow that was a surprise that 1977 ended! I know it’s a hard choice to end a comic going on that long. I recently ended my webcomic that had been going for about 6 and a half years. I decided to end it about a year before it did and let my readers know way ahead of time and finished up the story. I am starting a new comic in June and hope to use all that I learned from my first one to make this new one a lot better starting out. Also, going into my new comic I want to focus on it with the mindset of it being a comic book that is also on the web, not a web comic that is also in print. So I really want to focus on the quality of the books and selling stuff like Dawn has mentioned she wants to do for her comic.

    And like Robin was talking about, I was one of those people that refused to have ads on my site because I viewed it as “selling out”. I’ve since learned how dumb that is and will definitely have ads on my new site. xP

    • Ads are not necessarily a source of real income (though they can be) but mostly a way of paying for your own ads on other sites to bring in your readers. Every time I pulled ads off 1977, my new readership slowed significantly.

      Yeah, not an easy decision to stop a comic, but in these days comics have a shorter life-cycle I think. Get out, make your point (or comedy) and move on. I also felt, to a certain extent, the premise had run its course and I was just repeating myself.

      Dawn’s the smart one in the group. I do whatever she says. 😛

  4. though I couldn’t get into 1977 (born on the tail end of 80’s and not really good with keeping up with current pop culture either), I’m glad I got the chance to do some color work (a banner) and hearing you chat up.

    If you decide on a new project, I’ll take a look into it and see if it doesn’t go over my head.

    I my self has come to acceptance that I’m currently not a ‘webcomic’ artist. My energy and passion comes in bursts and I need to work on multipul things with break times. So I may never develop a large reader ship because of my inconsistance, but when I’m back on the con scene, I’ll definitely have books to sell.

  5. Hi
    This is Richtoon! I just wanted to thank you all for this great response to my question. I have decided to continue with the webcomic, I am going to make attempts to post more often, particularly in between the M-W-F uploads of the strip with either sketches and/or other posts. I have registered to Project Wonderful and I am about to start bidding. Space Pest Removal (SPR) is also open for business to receive Ads through project wonderful.
    For people that may have been curious, here is some more info about my situation:
    It started with my book, the Art of Richtoon, released over two years ago. You can see a book flip here and it’s available on my blog, . I launched the webcomic on the day of the book launch party.
    I decided to promote the book at a couple of COMICONS and to hand out a few leaflets about SPR at the same time. The First one I hit was the Calgary Con in 2011. I had a couple of prints made a few books and the leaflets. I met great people and got lots of tips on how to make a better booth. You can check out my first one here. But what really sold at an insane rate was this Shaun of the Dead poster. I started making fan art posters after that. And that is where the bulk of my success is.
    Since then, I have done almost a dozen cons including Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto… as well as the Fan Expo in Toronto and then smaller venues locally. I am from Ottawa. You can see my latest setup here. I now have over fifty different posters and I am starting to dabble with sculpting. Here are pictures of my latest setup, the last cone that I did in Ottawa in May.
    And if you are curious about the posters that sort of shifted what my cons have turned into, you can see them all here:
    My goals are to eventually raise enough money for the webcomic to become self-sustainable, to get more eyeballs on SPR, and get better at storytelling/jokes. I know that my weakness is in networking. I hope to be able to make some noise in the future.

    Thanks again

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