Alliance Chat 12

The Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

Welcome to the Alliance Chat! This podcast will be about various topics in not only the comic industry, but nearly anything that effects creators of all types. And sometimes just plain old life issues.

In this podcast, we’re chatting about supporting an event or artist even if there’s something  you disagree with for personal reasons.

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  1. I have a few vegetarian friends, and their most effective arguments are not about trying to convince me that I’m evil for liking bacon, but that they can make so many meatless things that are delicious. I feel it’s the same with comics. We’re so fortunate that we’ve got so much to choose from. And the powerful argument to make is not “anyone who supports Person A is a terrible person”, but “Persons B, C, D, E, and F are wonderful people (and hopefully they’ll make you forget all about Person A.)”

    If I’m going to go out of my way, I’d rather spend my money/energy to support and promote the things I WANT to see, not abolish the things I don’t. That said, I do often feel like shouting, “Why is this terrible person so popular? Why doesn’t the world see how terrible they are?! I need to inform them!” But unless I’m asked, I keep that to myself for the most part. 😛

    • I have a vegetarian story I can’t tell in public, but suffice to say I embarrassed the hell out of one vegetarian who was preaching to me at a restaurant one time… I may tell it on a podcast here soon.

      To quote Mr. Spock (the original) from “Wrath of Khan” that “it has always been easier to destroy then to create…” I think the kids today say “Haters gonna hate…” I prefer to keep my energies in the positive mode, I sleep better. 🙂

  2. Im on the fence about banning things as well. I tend to give creators more of pass (over companies) because lets face it- a lot of good creators are eccentric, passionate, and expressive. And sometimes the drama they stir up can be just as entertaining.

    There is only 1 comic creator that I am angry at right now. Ive been consuming his works for years, have been touched by his stories, and have shared his web content all up and down the internet, so its safe to say I was a big fan. And than I made the mistake of following his twitter ( >__< ). His personal views were more like personal attacks, including statements saying I (and other people who shared a certain philosophy) would burn in hell- and he wasn't trying to be funny. Its hard not to take offense. I still enjoy his creative work but I dont support his kickstarters, have stopped sharing his work, and decided not to buy his graphic novels as gifts for my young family members .

    • And that is the most effective message he can get, even if it is not directly from you, but he’ll see less in sales and less in participation at the site. He may never figure it out, but if he’s a shrewd business person, he will. You don’t have to publicly go out and make a statement. Your not buying his merchandise is message enough.

  3. It really blows my mind when I see anyone who relies on a fan base for their career or for any kind of financial support spouting off at the mouth or becoming very outspoken regarding their political or religious views. I mean,…sure,…everyone has the right to speak their mind and who can dispute that,…but to me, unless you are a self-made millionaire and do not need to worry about alienating a portion of your fan base, getting your beliefs out there in public seems like career suicide.

    I understand that we live in a very “connected” world now and things can easily get blown out of proportion, BUT that is the very reason to not invite trouble to begin with.

    You see so many public figures ruin their careers because they just couldn’t resist telling the world that their way was the “only” way. It baffles the mind why they feel the need to do it.

    I don’t care if you are a Liberal, Conservative, Black, White or Red, Big, Tall, Short or fat……if you do good work and I like it, I will support your talents; NOT your views necessarily. That’s perfectly cool with me. But once you start shoving your beliefs or views down my throat either via your work or your public outlets,…..I’m gone.

    There are too many others,…too much talent out there in every profession for me to stick around with your ego and high opinion of yourself, so much so that you feel everyone is hanging on your every word.

    Brian is right on when he talks about moving on. If enough people stop supporting the guy,….his sales will feel it and so will he. Even if he or others don’t ever figure it out because they are too self righteous to see it, who cares,….YOU will know that in your heart you did the right thing by walking away.

  4. aaaargh! I meant to say Byron……stupid spell check must have liked Brian.
    Sorry Byron…..just call me Scott,…my grandmother called me Scott for about 30 years until I just stopped correcting her and went with it.

    • You can call me anything but late to dinner. People have been called me Brian since the day I was born, it seems like. It’s to the point I don’t care and just go “Yeah, what?” 😉

      Oh, and great point above too!

  5. Hello all. I haven’t been listening to the podcast for very long, but this episode has inspired me to go back and dig through the archives.

    Your conversation was one of the most nuanced and thought-provoking discussions I have heard on the subject and hearing the different voices and opinions engage the subject intelligently and respectfully made for a fantastic listening experience.

    Just wanted to say thank you.

    • Thanks, Aram. All kidding aside, we do try to inspire conversation and ideas for our listeners rather than just stating “We’re the best, do what we do…” I think education is a group effort and we learn from each others mistakes and triumphs.

      Glad you liked the podcast and I hope we continue to engage folks like you!

  6. I’m pretty conservative, so pretty much everything I watch, read, or listen to in popular culture is either written by or stars people and/or views with which I disagree politically or morally. I guess I can understand the urge to boycott and shout people down, but I prefer to view the work on its own merits.

    The Broadway show The Book of Mormon is making a ton of money by mocking my beliefs. While I don’t plan on spending money on a ticket, I don’t plan on trying to shut it down with boycotts or protests, either. I see the kerfluffle over Orson Scott Card and the Ender’s Game movie, and I wonder if some segments of the LGBT community are becoming as intolerant as those they fight against.

  7. Anyone else imagine fart sounds the ENTIRE podcast? After the first toot I just couldn’t listen to this show seriously. That’s not a bad thing though, had me giggling too.

  8. Seriously though, I’ve been nervous about the reaction that my upcoming graphic novel “GENE GARDENS” will bring. I was inspired a lot by Japanese horror & crime novels when writing Gene Gardens, especially how they push the boundaries of what is acceptable. As I edit our final book I realized that I may have pushed graphic novels to the Alan Moore extreme, if not further.

    My graphic novel “Family Bones” brought a lot of controversy, but that was from those who didn’t read the book. A few national newspapers & TV shows picked up on the fact that they comics are about my real-life aunt and uncle who were serial killers. They thought that it was inappropriate to make a “comic book” about serial killers. But that was fine because I knew they didn’t read the book and weren’t objecting to what was actually in the book. “Family Bones” is definitely not glorifying murder or very graphic and I was able to change a few minds who I convinced to actually read the book.

    “Gene Gardens” is very, very different. It’s very graphic in all ways. But at least it’s totally fictional and sci-fi/horror. Still I can’t help but get a little nervous about the upcoming reaction. But in the end you’ve got to make your work as good as you can and then stand by it.

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