Alliance Chat 18

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

In this podcast, we’re chatting about taking something that didn’t quite go right and how you deal with it.  From an out-and-out failure to something simple that just didn’t quite gel.  What to do and how to handle it is the basis of tonight’s chat.

A perfect example is how we recorded this podcast!  We recorded it back in December (thus the Christmas introduction) but even though Byron tested it, his recording software failed due to changes in Skype.  So, we decided to do it via Google Hangouts.  Everything was going fine until we found out Chris’ MAC wouldn’t work with Hangouts!  Another failure on the horizon!  Robin to the rescue with a quick download of her recording software and we were back on to do this podcast!  Sometimes you just have to keep trying things until you find something that works.

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  1. My first comic, Discordian Quote Comix, was a great personal success for what I wanted it to be. 52 weekly comics in a gag panel style, to see if I could produce on a regular schedule. It was a strictly personal project, and only a handful of people ever read it.

    I gained a lot of confidence from that experiment and decided to challenge myself with something bigger. The second comic that I intended to launch was overly ambitious for the time I had available to work on it, my process for creating it was slow and overly complicated leading to frustration and eventually I stopped working on it.

    I am still sitting on the handful of strips I completed but never published anywhere, and I still own and maintain the URL I got for the failed strip. I am currently entertaining a few thoughts on how to re-purpose that URL.

    As for the strips, I thought I might package and release them as part of a Patreon reward, bonus material to be included in a print colelction, or just put them as bonus content on Brain Teaser’s Facebook page. There are only 17 total strips, so there is not a lot of material, but it is done, and just sitting there unseen.

  2. Thanks for the Podcast folks, always enjoyable. It is nice to hear a like-minded group commiserate over what we go through as artists. The atmosphere of your group is welcoming, so much so that I find self replying out loud to you as if I was part your talk! (I better get that checked 🙂

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