Alliance Chat 22

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

In this podcast, we’re chatting about… TIME MANAGEMENT!! And it takes us like 10 minutes to get the subject started, so we need to practice it a bit ourselves. We end the podcast with the tips we do to keep ourselves on track and focused.

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  1. Great discussion, everyone!

    There was mention of a helpful article somewhere on Ryan’s site. Could someone please give me a link? Thanks.

  2. Another great podcast everyone! This coming from someone who has downloaded and listened to the past 52 of them in a matter of 4 weeks…anyways, on the subject of doing a buffer in comics, I’m the type that gets ahead on my comic using random gag-a-day strips for awhile while I’m writing a story-arc. So that way, when I finish an arc, I have a bunch of random gag-a-day type strips to fill in the gaps.

    In a way, it’s kind of like how Dawn has seasons to her comic, I do the same thing except the time off portion is when I have the gag-a-day strips going live and the “in-season” is when I have an actual story arc involved.

  3. you guys crack me up every time 😀

    what i am trying to do now is vary my pages so once a month the readers get a week of page every day then another week they get an update mid week and change things about a bit. the hard part for me is running more than one story line at the same time since tales from swipe city is a comic drama.

    robin in regard to reference for fight scenes poser 10 (smith micro) is great for this!

  4. Y’all,

    I’ve read Newspaper Syndicates wanted, at one time, at least a six week “buffer” of dailies and six Sundays!


  5. As a slightly more mild alternative to 24 Hour Comic Day: NaNoMangO ( is starting up in June! I attempted it for a few years before starting my webcomic with it. To be honest, I’ve NEVER met the challenge of 30 pages of 30 days, but having regular access to an excited community over the course of several weeks really had an impact on me. I was able to figure out how long pages took, figure out where it fit in my normal schedule, and improve as I learned new things and got feedback. So yes, I highly recommend it!

  6. Another fun listen gang, thanks for making the time! Glad to hear your on the mend Robin!

    As a long-former, I lost my buffer quickly when I launched and then had to do a page over the weekend for posting on Tuesday. Besides the stress, I felt the dread of doing something wrong story wise that would totally mess with the tale I was telling. I did end up leaving off some minor things I had wanted to do in the rush to hit deadline. So I’ve decided to complete a story before I start posting so I can see and read it all together and make sure it makes sense and I get in everything I intended. I had to stop posting much longer than I had planned (Life!) but I am much happier with the finished product. I hope readers feel the same way.

    Thanks again!

  7. It takes a good bit of buckle-down, but it can be done. While I’ve been listening to these podcasts, I’ve also upped my game as far as producing more pages. Also taking advantage of a personal slowdown with work, school, and the convention schedule all going into a calm mode for the next several weeks.

    In that time, I’ve not only gotten a 5 week buffer on a long-form webcomic, but also been able to work on some other things that have been plodding along for the “when I get time for it” bucket.

    But I agree that you can’t treat a buffer like a vacation. The harder I work now on building a bigger buffer, the more energy I can spend on school, work, and conventions when they ramp back up and consume my time again.

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