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Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

In this podcast, we’re chatting about… drawing copyrighted characters at conventions for money: is it right, wrong or just a shade of gray? Our last Chat Podcast ran long, so I edited out this topic so we could focus just on it alone for this post. The introductions are the same as the last podcast, but it is a new podcast, you’ll hear it switch at about 3:00 minutes in. We want to hear what you have to say about this topic so chime in below in the comments and give us your 2-cents. Thanks!

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  1. For some reason when I try listening from the website or the rss feed its playing episode 25 instead. Iv tried 2 players and downloading it from the site but that does not seem to work

  2. To be perfectly honest,….I would NEVER buy anyone’s art that is of a property other than that of the actual artist’s.

    Why would I PAY YOU to draw Ren and Stimpy? I wouldn’t pay John Kricfalusi to draw your characters either. No offense,….but I wouldn’t expect people to pay me to draw another licensed character either NOR would I ever want to.

    I know this is done quite often,….but I just don’t like it.

    No gray area; just wrong. (in my humble opinion of course)

    If you feel bent on doing this,…then at least don’t charge a dime for it.

  3. Let me also follow up my previous opinion with the fact that you all do a great job with the webcast and I think anytime a dialogue is started about the business of comics,….we all stand to benefit from the various points of view.

    Personally I think drawing other licensed properties in any form is just too darn risky at best….a real Taboo.

    Great episode….keep ’em coming.

  4. Over the years, I’ve often wondered why Marvel and DC have given artist’s such leeway to make money off their properties through commissioned artwork. My first thought years ago was that it was a de facto retirement plan for longtime freelancers who were getting less and less work from the big two. This came to my mind when it was JUST former and current Marvel and DC artists doing commissions. But considering how poorly freelancers have been treated over the years I’m pretty skeptical about this. Also now people NEVER associated with the big two do commissions. I’ve pretty much concluded that they live with this because it is just another way to further promote their properties over other companies properties. When NYCC opens in the morning their is a crush of about twenty fans shooting over to Adam Hugh’s table to get sketches. If you are DC or Marvel do you want a big time artist like Adam Hughs drawing and getting fans excited about your properties ( and thus promoting them ) or do you want Adam Hughs drawing the latest character from Dark Horse comics?

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