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Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

In this podcast, we’re chatting about an article by Denise Dorman which asked “Is Cosplay Killing Comic Con?” Mrs. Dorman chatted frankly about doing conventions and losing money. She suggested the culture of cosplay today has become the focus of comic cons and thus started a fire-storm on the internet (which isn’t hard to do these days). We put in our 2-cents on this topic. Listen along and see if you agree or not.

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  1. This was my first listen to one of the Chats, and I’m so glad I did!

    Robin in particular was spot on about careers being re-invented/re-assessed (or however you so eloquently put it, I can’t recall).

    Thanks to all for a great, relevant listen.

    • Welcome to the party, pal! Glad you like it! Lots more where that came from, so go over to iTunes and subscribe and you can download the rest of them.

      Robin is always right. So our standard answers will be “What Robin said.” and “YouTube.” 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! The constant re-invention of a career is something that’s on my mind a lot lately, as I try to come to grips with the idea that the only constant thing in my life will be change.

  2. Thanks for another great podcast! I’ve been a consistent listener for a few months now and I have to say thank you for willingly providing so much great advice for someone like me who has just started showing my comic at conventions this year. Your experience has been gold!

    I regards to this particular podcast, the advice “adapt or die” came to mind after I read the article by Denise Dorman. Things change – with being a “nerd” now being a thing, you have a completely different crowd of people coming your way. Your audience has changed, it’s time to adapt. As a follow up, I would suggest this article which sums it up quite nicely:

    • Hi Rose! We’re glad you are enjoying the podcast! You have a great point there, the pocket of what is considered “geek/nerd” has expanded, including people who wouldn’t have admitted it in years past. It’s “cool” now. Which has it’s pros and cons, and you have to weigh those accordingly.
      The pic at the top of that blog made me laugh, as Byron and I were just to the right of the shot at NYCC last year– in Small press, next to Marvel. But these tips ring true: eye contact, not burying yourself in a sketchbook, standing up & being friendly… like regular trade shows, these are simply things you HAVE to do because the new “geeks”, the mainstream people, are used to this and it’s the only way to get their attention in a sea of visual overload. I won’t spoil the rest, as this article IS a great read!

  3. Another great listen folks!

    Yeah there are definitely LOTS of con goers who are now comic book fans and there’s not much we can do about that. I guess it’s a personal decision whether to booth or not to booth. Local shows seem the best bet, where you’re not spending a ton of money just to be there.

    One thing that CAN be done though is for Con organizers to work on better placement for Artist Alley. I think placement has really had an effect on my appearances, it could have been worse BUT it could have been much better!) I wish they would group Comic book/strip artists together.

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