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Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

In this podcast, we’re chatting about: Helping fellow comic creator Scott Jenkins (Jynksie Comics) with his issues of relaunching his comic “Madbury” with a new title and essentially a new story and trying to avoid confusing old and new readers alike. We also talk briefly about doing these podcasts for four years now is like graduating high school. Good times as Byron was on Valium and antidepressants, plus we had two false starts, so it’s an interesting podcast to say the least. 🙂

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  1. Congrats on four years! I really appreciate the discussion and the feedback! You guys are the best! [BTW- earliest comic was how sweet it is]

    I actually do have a url for of moose and men. [and yes, I had one for the other two almost immediately after picking the name!] What I haven’t done, is make this url THE url to use. I was a tad gun shy promoting it until I was sure the name was going to stick! Thats in the pipeline however. I wanted to work out this hiccup I’m currently having.

    The guy who does Falling Rocks National Park [nicknamed Falling Rock] [where I had gone with Falling Rocks when I launched] doesn’t use the name as his url, so unfortunately for me, it fell under the radar in that manner as well. That author has his comic under his actual name, much like me.

    Definitely a lot of food for thought, as I plot the next phase of OMAM for mid winter. I certainly agree that I need something for the longtime readers who know and understand Madbury, so they can migrate to the new one. I think the blog post I made goes a long way in doing so. I also agree, it simply requires time to continue telling the story and let the ghost of madbury fade away. I don’t want to bring that name back [madbury], it would actually confuse my ability to move on from it and may even confuse the vast majority of my post- madbury audience that is unaware of it’s existence. yes? no? maybe?

    Thanks to you all. You “say fish or cut bait”, I “say sh*t, or get off the pot”! [smirk]

  2. some interesting ideas that I also could use and for the record the rant at the beginning was most useful to an English guy who’s writing a web comic based in america as i know little how your school system works 🙂

    here for many more years of this site and your great pod casts …(now back to my dull inking)

  3. Yep. 4 years! Congrats, guys! Also thanks for being here and doing this. It really helps us webcomickers not feel so alone and isolated.

    As far as Jynxie is concerned, I admire him for being determined to do right by his comic even if it confuses some people. I was one of the confused ones and I asked Scott about it on Twitter. He was kind enough to hash it out with me until I finally understood what was going on. I think that really cool. Do what you need to do and be available to explain ad nauseum if you care to do so. I can tell you I really appreciated it.

    My own webcomic/graphic novel has been on hold for well over a year now since, like Scott, I jumped into the deep end and after three years of riding a wild shark began to feel like was either going to drown or be eaten.When my website got trashed by a stealth upgrade, I decided, too, to start over. But just the art and workflow. The story is the same as are the characters. I now have the URL for and over a hundred full pages thumbnailed. All I need now is to scan, ink, etc and get the website fixed up properly.

    Sometimes I’m afraid no one really cares anymore, it’s been so long. But I’m nothing if not stubborn. :`P So one day, maybe in the Spring or Summer, I’ll start updating again.

    Thanks again guys, and here’s hoping for at least another four years of fun and informative discussions. <3

    • Jande, I considered your confusion an opportunity to see what my retcon was doing to existing readers and you helped validate for me, others who also had expressions of where I had gone astray. The confusion will work itself out over time, there is a definitive plan now for my work. Before, I threw darts at the wall and then made a[Madbury]comic from that and that left me confused when planning the comics future. I’d rather the readers be a little confused for now, than me. [smirk]

      The time lapse between Madbury’s end and the launch of the new comic was 14 months. People find their way back. I wouldn’t worry about the down time Jande, It’ll work itself out. The suggestion we have to perpetually be producing work is misleading. So, when you get back to it, you’ll find your audience will also begin to migrate back. Create and finesse your project as -you- desire, period.

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