Alliance Chat 32


Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

In this podcast, we’re chatting about: REFLECTIONS! No, not the kind in a mirror, but we all reflect back on 2014 and talk about the changes in the webcomic universe and how conventions are changing. Plus, whiskey and socks.

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  1. I want to wish you guys a great 2015! I hope it is fantastic for all of you. We are in the same boat with 2014. 2013 was awful and 2014 was a bit better but rough. I am hoping 2015 is incredible!

    On the topic of not mentioning comics to the CEO. Thom runs into this as well. He downplays his comic work and when they do know about it he says that it’s his “hobby.” At an interview he actually said “Well you have hobbies don’t you? They don’t interfere with your job do they?” Then they hired him. I do know a lot of places don’t want you doing your own thing on the side. I don’t blame you for not mentioning it much.

    Chris- Sorry about the con. I knew that he could be strict, but we usually do really well and it hasn’t been an issue for us too much. I feel bad because we recommended it to you. As far as sales go, I have noticed December is the weakest of the 3 shows (which is surprising) Spring and especially summer are much better. I did almost double the amount in the Summer as I did this month. Again, sorry it ended up being difficult.

    Congrats on 4 years and again, I wish you all a fantastic 2015 and a Happy Holiday Season.

    • Thank you, Kambrea! The same to you guys as well.

      It is a shame companies discourage outside growth like that. As employer for nearly 20 years, I encourage my employees to do things like this outside of work. My reasoning it would make them think like owners, not employees. This way, they’d think about profits and expenses and just go “the company can pay for it” and not care. I’ve seen sales people of large companies put expensive meals on their company card going “the company can afford it” not thinking that’s profit sharing they’re stealing from themselves.

      But, I’m not your average employer either.

      Good wishes to you and yours for 2015. Yes, 2014 sucked. Let’s hope for better for all of us. 🙂

  2. Great show, guys! I agree with Dawn and Kambrea, it’s best to separate your side jobs from your main work, especially if it could be seen as competitive in any way. In my experience, less said is best said.

    Happy Holidays, all! Here’s hoping we all have the best year ever in 2015!

    • definitely have to walk that tightrope carefully, My Art Director gets it, and it supportive of my side career. But not the CEO.. at least, it’s nothing beyond a tiny hobby, if he knows anything.

  3. guys! thanks you for a year of laughter and great advice, as my first year in this industry you guys have always been there to ask stuff and read up things when i needed too. i hope we all have a great year next year.

  4. I have difficulty expressing how much I appreciate you all! I know it’s mostly a one-way street since you don’t get to hear from me as often. But your audio casts help keep me grounded, especially since Aedre’s firefly hasn’t been updating for over a year now.
    My hope is, if all goes well, that Aedre will be back this Spring.
    You have all grown up in a magical era. I’m so jealous of that. But even at the ragged ends of my own life I can partake of its wonders and use the power of it for my own nefarious purposes… Muuuhahahaha! uh… sorry. Got carried away there. o.O
    In spite of the discouraging feelings that I’m too old for this awesome adventure (I’ll be 66 in January!), I do believe I have a lifetime of experience to draw from, and to pay forward, that might be of use to someone. So I will continue to plod on forward, immersing myself in the creative process. Perhaps I will even overcome my intense shyness on the way. :`}

    Perhaps being born under the sign of Janus has something to do with a part of me always looking in one direction and seeing that it’s too hard, too late and I can’t do it! And the other facing the way I’m moving, which is always forward and doing the things my other face says can’t be done. ;`)

    And so, my friends and colleagues in the creative process, my own plans for 2015 include:
    1. Rebooting Aedre’s Firefly graphic novel
    2. Creating videocasts of art creation demos and techniques
    3. Finishing our home sound booth and beginning the process of creating some audiobooks of my own and my husband’s science fantasy stories and novels.
    4. Balancing creative work, relaxing play, socialising, exercise, healthy eating, and getting an appropriate amount of sleep.
    5. Keeping in mind at all times that though all of it needs to be professional, none of it has to be perfect.
    Thank you for sharing all your hopes, fears, stumbling blocks and triumphs over the last four years. You are an inspiration to me and to many others.
    Bless you all!
    ~ Jande

    • Jande,

      First, you’re never too old to achieve any of your goals. Jack Davis just retired at age 90. THAT is an inspiration for us both. I’ll be 58 in February, so I can relate, in a way, to your feelings. But knowing that I can continue to draw essentially to the day I die is in a way heartwarming for me. We (you and I) just need to apply ourselves and do what it takes to accomplish those goals. That’s what 2015 will be for me, a year of moving forward.

      Audio books! Cool! Let us know when that happens and we’ll give it some push here on the site. As a voice-over guy, that’s one awesome goal!

      So tell that part of you that looks in a direction and thinks it’s too hard to be quiet, and get out there and draw! As long as it makes you happy, there will be an audience for your work.


      • Thanks for the pep-talk, Byron! Us old farts stick together. I like that.
        I’ve started posting Process stuff to my e-orbits site to show I’m still working on Aedre’s Firefly and other things. And For the next few Fridays I’ll be discussing some aspects of Patreon, as I work to set up my Creator account there.
        … a year of moving forward.
        I’m with you on that, Byron. It’s the only direction left. <3

  5. Great podcast, gang. I was surprised to find out that I wasn’t the only one who had a crappy 2014. Personal issues and work really suck the life out of us sometimes, and it’s the art that usually suffers. I am feeling positive for 2015.

    Part of it is changing expectations. For years I was desperate for success, and making my webcomic into something that would comfortably support us. I believe it was that very desperation that held me back.

    Ultimately, we want to be happy and do what we love. I’m trying it all differently now. Now I’m going to work on being happy first, and enjoying life, and any success that comes will be pure bonus. No more desperation for that webcomic unified field theory of riches and champagne. There is no such thing. So, I intend to enjoy what I do as I move forward.

    • I can definitely relate to the desperation holding me back. It had this weird double-edged sword of pushing me to try things that were completely unrealistic, and making me pass up on opportunities that were actually worthwhile. Once I took the desperation out of my decisions, that’s when things actually started working out. Every time Cory & I get together to talk about what we want to do for the coming month, our last question is always “Do we have any desperate ideas?” and then we chop that idea off the list.

  6. Hey everyone, I just wanted to wish everyone on the panel a Happy New Year! I enjoy your podcasts and articles very much and look forward to hearing how everyones new year is shaping up when you put up the next podcast. Take care! – Jim

  7. Robin, if you offer an online writing workshop id probably sign up. I have lots of ideas for short stories but since this life’s too short to turn them all into comics I need to learn how to write well enough that I will not embarrass myself XD.

    • I’m glad to hear it! I’m definitely working on expanding my editing services, but the idea of running a workshop is something that my brain is very interested in too. I’ve been developing course outlines just to see how I would structure a storytelling class. What subjects to cover, what activities I could use to help illustrate a point, what assignments to give so people could practice a new skill…I don’t know if it will be something that happens this year, but we’re just beginning 2015! We shall see what the future holds. Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. Thanks for a great year of podcasts Gang and I look forward to hearing more in 2015! Yeah 2014 could have been better for me as well, not sure what happened, but sounds like I was not the only one to get into a funk. I hope we all have an awesome comeback year!

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