Alliance Chat 36


Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

In this podcast, we chat about how our collecting habits tie into our comic making. Dawn is “sans-whiskey”, Robin is nearly in Hulk-out mode, Byron forgot it was 4/20, Chris is Chris and our guest Cory Matthews had his hands full as we were on full battle-alert the whole evening! It’s a fun listen!

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages
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  1. Great podcast guys!
    What do we collect?
    Thom collects Disney pins (he has a lot) He used to collect Transformers but we had to downsize and he got rid of them.

    Our kids collect pins as well. Our son has a massive Godzilla/Ultraman collection and our daughter has a big Monster High/Ever After High collection.
    They also have a lot of the Disney Infinity figures.

      • And that was the unofficial “4th reason” why comic collections do not matter anymore.


        Digital has no collectability to it. You can’t hold it. You can’t trade it. You can’t get it graded or display it anywhere. It’s just “there”.


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