Alliance Chat 41


Welcome to the Alliance Chat: Where no topic has gone before!

In this podcast, we chat with Jerome Walford of Forward Comix. As a support of Dawn’s recent Kickstarter, Jerome won the opportunity to come on and chat about his comic creation process and his great graphic novel series “Nowhere Man.” We also talk about making the transition from webcomic to print. Fun time for all and some interesting tid-bits along the way.

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  1. Great chat everyone!!

    I discovered the Alliance a few weeks ago and started from the beginning and Im finally caught up! I’m not sure whats going to keep me entertained at work now… but I wanted to thank you all for all the great podcasts. I Have been working on my webcomic for a year now and listing to the alliance has given me such motivation to put even more effort going forward. You all have such great advice and I have really enjoyed listing to all of you even when it wasn’t comic related.

    So thanks, and please keep putting out great podcasts!!

    • wow, many thanks Christa! We’re so glad you enjoy our BS-ing– erm, I mean, our informative roundtable discussions! ;0)

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