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Happy Post Holidays! We’re back! In this podcast,Β we chat with Wes Molebash of the comic “Molebashed”. We invited him on just before the holidays to chat with us about how he wants to apply Dawn’s business model of doing her webcomic by taking scheduled breaks, or doing “seasons” of his comic. We chat about that and how it can potentially fit into a Patreon campaign as well.

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  1. Thanks for this podcast guys! I’m enjoying Molebash comic, and picked up some more good advice.
    Since I’m starting to pull all my stuff together to get back to work on Aedre’s Firefly, I’m (still) setting up my Patreon page, even though somehow Patreon seems to have prematurely published it before it was ready (I probably pushed a wrong button somewhere). Robin’s (?) advice to not promise a lot in the way of rewards sank in this time, so I’ve been rewriting my reward section since this podcast.
    I’m really grateful to you guys. You’ve made me feel less alone in my struggle to get this graphic novel out there. <3

    • You’re never alone as long as you have friends. And I count myself lucky to have all these wonderfully talented comic artists/illustrators around me, including you. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve recently been going through the archive and enjoying the podcasts. I was also wondering if any of the Webcomic Alliance crew (past or present)has ever tried their hand at single panel cartoons?

    • Ah, single panel cartoons. To me, those are the hardest ones to create. There’s no set-up, everything’s in one panel. That’s why I love Larson. His comics nailed it day-in, day-out. But to answer your question, I’m fairly certain none of us have on a regular basis.

      • Thanks for the quick reply Byron! I may be mistaken, but I don’t think single panel cartoons have transitioned from print to the internet as well as sequential comics.

        Then again, other than a few holdouts like the New Yorker, there seem to be fewer and fewer places that publish them at all.

        Sometimes I wonder if the form itself is the problem and perhaps the single panel cartoon will suffer the same fate as Vaudeville and disappear all together.

          • I think the big reason is they get compared to “The Farside” immediately. And a couple I’ve seen were just that, “Farside” rip-offs. In the ’70s I followed “Herman” by Jim Unger. I quickly realized I might have the drawing talent he did, but most certainly not the wit and sense of humor.

            I alos love Gahan Wilson’s stuff, and “Playboy” had a great set of cartoonists contributing back in the day. Maybe it is time for a revitalization of the format. πŸ™‚

          • *ahem* Saturday morning breakfast Cereal is a powerhouse.
            and now, Fowl Language Comics is being big waves, going viral on social media, got a book deal.

          • I’ve been a fan of Saturday morning breakfast Cereal for a while, but more often than not he uses more than one panel for his comic.

  3. Byron.

    Your idea to post penciled sketches up on Patreon was sheer genius! I have a $1, $3, $5, and $8 tier, and at the $3 dollar level you can read my upcoming comics for the following week. But I always a little weird not really giving anything to the buck guys. I always considered that the tip jar. Then I realized I could post the digital pencil versions of the upcoming comics as well!

    Wouldn’t take any more effort, and they get a cool little reward.

    Thanks for the idea.


    • I have my moments when I come up with something of use. πŸ™‚ Glad you like the idea. It’s working for me thus far.

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