Alliance Chat 6

Alliance Chat, where no topic has gone before!

Welcome to the Alliance Chat! This podcast will be about various topics in not only the comic industry, but nearly anything that effects creators of all types. And sometimes just plain old life issues; like stinky feet or that Drezz pees in pools.

In this podcast, we chat about: We slip into a conversation about how Colorado has legalized smoking of pot (or at least made it less ill-legal) and then we take on a listener’s question about juggling a newborn child and creating her comic.  Good perspective from all of us on that one!

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  1. Question answered!

    I think the main thing that hit home for me was when Robin was talking about being replaceable at work, but not in her comic–even though I work as part of a comic team, the concept is a collaborative effort in a way that, even if we were to find a replacement artist, I’d still have to stay on. What I do IS important, and it IS a job, and so I should treat it like I would a job and not feel guilty when relatives offer to watch her for the afternoon so I can get some work done, or when Cory offers to hang out with her on the couch after he gets home from work so I can have a few more hours.

    My situation mirrors Drezz’s in a few senses (longform comic, brand new baby), but I think I might actually be in the ideal situation for actually getting work done with a newborn at home:

    – I am not the breadwinner! All I have to do is take care of a baby and, when I have time, work on my comic. My husband has crazy job security and nice pay because it’s a family business that’s been doing well for 24 years.

    – We have lucked out with the best baby ever–she’s been sleeping through the night for almost a month, and is pretty chill, even though she’s started teething early.

    – We’re bottle feeding so pretty much anyone with hands can feed her, and she’s juuust gotten to the point where she’s decided that if her stomach is even a little bit empty, it isn’t the end of the world, and will actually refuse a bottle until she’s good and hungry.

    – My mother in law recently begged me to let her watch her for two afternoons every week for some grandma time, giving me an extra 6 to 8 hours a week to work.

    It’s been a month since I asked you guys for advice, and since then, I feel waaaaay less like I’m in over my head. If anything, being in this situation has made me acutely aware of exactly how I manage my time, and enabled me to get the most out of it. I’ve been ten times as productive as I was before I got pregnant, and I have managed to rebuild a buffer that will last me until mid-January (so far). I DID have to drop my schedule down to once a week instead of twice, but my readership has been mega understanding.

    Anyhow, thanks for addressing it! Lots of insights I hadn’t considered!

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