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The Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

Welcome to the Alliance Chat! This podcast will be about various topics in not only the comic industry, but nearly anything that effects creators of all types. And sometimes just plain old life issues.

In this podcast, we chat about: Holidays and your comics.  Do you avoid or celebrate the holidays in your comics?  We also chat about some of our favorite horror movies.  Holiday Horrors just in time for the, well, holidays.

But wait, there’s more!!

Correctly name the three cartoon shows featured in the introduction montage and you could win a copy of MANGA STUDIO 5!  Yes, our friends over at Smith Micro will award one of our lucky listeners with a totally free copy of Manga Studio 5 (yes, I say Manga Studio Debut int he podcast, but I got it upgraded, so ignore the man behind the curtain).  Email you guesses to by December 31st  January 5th, and we’ll announce the winner on January 7th!  Byron will pick the grand prize winner from the correct entries, so email in your guesses today!

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  1. I have holidays in my comics but they’re in the comics in relation to their timeline. So it’s been Thanksgiving for a few months. To be fair, to me, the whole story takes place over 9 months. Everything is stretched out.

    I don’t like taking breaks because it becomes hard to get back into it. I don’t think I’ve missed an update in years.

    As for art changes in relation to mainstream comics. People notice. People notice more if it’s rapid fire or changes mid arc. People tend to want to see one “story” done by one artist and people have attributed that to why some books end up failing. New books tend to have new unproven artists that may not be able to keep up with the output. One book I read and loved when I first got into comics had like a dozen artists in 30 issues. That’s a bit much.

    Related to a webcomic it might just confuse people if it changes drastically and isn’t tied into the story somehow.

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