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The Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

Welcome to the Alliance Chat! This podcast will be about various topics in not only the comic industry, but nearly anything that effects creators of all types. And sometimes just plain old life issues.

In this podcast, we chat about: Listener issue: Hi, I’m a writer/artist looking to create a long-form comic, hoping to release on the web and then move to print if all goes perfectly.  I have two personal projects in mind, and would love to hear your thoughts on which  to start first:
A) A lengthy long-form series (I estimate ~24 issues) that is my baby, the story I’ve always wanted to tell, or
B) A medium-length (6 issues) story that is interesting to me, but not as important as Story A
I  think finishing “B” is a plausible goal within the next couple of years, whereas there would be no end in sight for “A”; that said, I’d just be putting off “A” yet again, and fear it’s a story that’ll never get told.
Thanks for your insight!
– Adam Pilkington,”

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  1. Thanks for the podcast gals and guys, it was fun listening while toiling at the day job! I like your advice to Adam, and as a creator who has FINALLY got his comic started, I’d like to add that you can spend forever planning, designing characters, world building but you have to get your stuff out there. I started to see some ideas come out in comics that were very close to what I had planned, so that was a big push for me to get it out there! So Adam, decide what concept you feel is the most original and maybe go with that first before someone else beats you to it.

  2. Just had a listen, and thanks to everyone for taking the time to address my question! Awesome to hear the persepectives of those who are in the thick of the webcomics world.

    Great points by all, and a great balance of pros and cons for each concept. I think the major points of finishing a project and the business considerations cemented my choice to go with Story B.

    I think it was Robin that asked if they’re connected and they are; both take place in the same world in different timeframes, so B can be used to set up A, and I can leverage one to help sell the other as a cohesive and connected world. Though Byron’s business point was used as a pro for Story A, I see it as a pro for Story B too – if I finish it, I have a 180 pg, stand-alone story I can try to sell. And of course once it becomes a Harry-Potter-esque runaway hit with Hollywood options abound, I can use its proceeds to quit my day job and get to work on the mega-saga. Hehe.

    And you guys are absolutely right in that I may start B and decide it’s not working and simply jump in to A. Lessons learned on one project can applied to the other, so no such thing as wasted time in these ventures 🙂

    Guess I should get to work. Thanks again for the invaluable advice.


    PS You butchered my name. It’s ok, everyone does it. pil-KING-ton. No hard feelings.

    PPS Great points by you as well Rich 🙂 Thanks for your two cents!

    • Well, if I could read and actually saw the damn “L” in your name, I would have gotten it. Damn, I have tri-focals now and reading text on my PC is annoying at best sometimes… especially when I’m monitoring the damn podcast and Skype and all that BS.

      Needless to say, sorry about that. Now, get to work on those comics!

  3. I use a standing desk for general computing, but not for drawing; I tried drawing digitally at a standing desk, and traditionally at a drawing table raised to standing height, and it *seemed* to work at first, but eventually I realized that my work had gotten more jerky and spasmodic–even though I *felt* stable drawing in a standing position, I just didn’t have the same rooted stability and capability of concentrating on subtle drawing motions that I did while seated. Now, when inking with a brush I’ll sometimes stand and work in larger sweeping motions when I need to inject some breadth or energy into a piece, but for controlled work I get far better results while sitting.

  4. i was at a lost end for something to listen to while inking so thought i would try some of the older podcasts as ever very entertaining. the bit about reading stuff in a mirror Byron made me think of a cartoon where a guy tries reading an Ozzie Osborn interview backwards 😛

    as ever regards Aron.

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