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Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

Today’s discussion…

Starting a story can be intimidating.  There are so many different things to consider!  The plot, the characters, the theme…Where to begin?  Robin (LeyLinesComic.com & MokoPress.com), Dawn (DawnGriffinStudios.com), Chris (CapesNBabes.com), and Liz (AdrastusComic.com) share their favorite resources and techniques for developing your stories and getting started.

People, Books, and Software mentioned:

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages
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  1. Great episode! Packed with good information, and one of the few times I’ve heard “Bird by Bird” referenced outside of a college creative writing syllabus.

    Chris – Thanks for mentioning Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that Always Work. It now adorns the wall above the monitor at my desk.

    Scrivener is $40. By contrast a competing solution (one I’ve used in the past – long enough ago that the full version was actually free), Celtx is $8.25 per yer if you pay for a full year at once. Billed monthly it’s $10. At $40, Scrivener is a steal! Thanks for recommending this, I went and downloaded the installer as I was listening (paused this incredibly information dense episode while I did so I wouldn’t miss anything).

    For seriously bare bones planning, could you also use a planning solution like the one available from http://www.trello.com? I’ve used it in the past as a way to keep track of blog post and comic strip ideas, though I pretty much do all of that in OneNote today.


    • Awesome follow-up info, thank you Isaac! I did purchase Scrivener, and am digging through it to see all it can offer. I love the corkboard pushpin option!

      Thanks for being a listener!

  2. This was very helpful, thank you guys so much. I’m a college freshman and aspiring comic writer/ character designer/ art major, and I’ve been really struggling with starting my stories, so this episode was very inspiring. I found this website on accident just now, but I’m definitely going to be checking up here often. Thanks!

    • Hi Luke! Happy to hear it was helpful. Have faith in your story and go for it! You are going to learn SO MUCH. If you ever have a question or concern that you’d like to hear our thoughts on as you go, feel free to write any time!

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