WA Podcast 103 – Hosting Pros and Cons


Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

Today’s discussion…

What are the advantages and disadvantages to self hosting verses using a service like Tumblr, Facebook, or a comic community like Tapastic?  Robin (LeyLinesComic.com & MokoPress.com), Chris (CapesNBabes.com), Christina (Sombulus.com), and Liz (AdrastusComic.com) discuss what to consider about your hosting options before putting your comics on the web.

Things Mentioned:

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages
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  1. Hey. There was a question about using a custom domain name on your Tumblr account. It is possible to *point* a custom domain name to your Tumblr. I have a domain I own pointed to my Tumblr blog. All that’s required to do this is to change the DNS settings for the domain you want to use. What’s not possible, or at least *much* more difficult, is setting it up so readers see your custom domain and not “https://myartblog.tumblr.com.” Hope this helps.

    For years I had my comic on Blogger, far longer than I should have. It’s capabilities are pretty limited and you’ll outgrow it pretty quickly, but it served as a good launching point. This year I put my comic on WordPress using the Comic Easel theme.

    Great topic and discussion as usual. Thanks!

  2. We took a listen to this podcast. Just wanted to pop on and tell you that we have had great experiences hosting on other sites. We maintain our own site, but we actually advocate people posting on Tapastic, Webtoons, and Pop Comics (Tokyopop’s app) As far as interaction and fan relationships, we have had far more interaction on Webtoons than we had on our own site when we were getting over a million page views a month. We did a Q&A on Webtoons and we got dozens of questions and a lot of them were asking about us as creators specifically. They wanted to know about us and connect with us.

    (I hope this posts. Sometimes when I write it doesn’t..not sure why. So if my other post does go through and it’s repetitive I apologize.)

    And as for having to have your own site if you want it for a career, I can’t tell you how many doors that have opened because of these sites. People on Webtoons who are featured by them get paid to do them. I would gladly take $2k-3k a month to draw our comic as our job. People on there are getting book deals with publishers too. They are getting them because they are being seen. More eyeballs= a better chance of gaining readers. Not to mention how much money we are saving. We actually got audited over advertising expenses. We are gaining readers and haven’t paid a cent to do it on those sites. Thom said “You can put a video up on your own site, but you have a better chance of being seen on Youtube where people are looking for videos.”

    Somethings to consider. Having your own site and mirroring on others is always an option. We have found it additive to our “brand” not subtractive.

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