WA Podcast 113 – Q and A Storm

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

Today’s discussion…

We’re tackling WA listener questions in a Social-Media-Storm of Q&A.  Robin Childs (LeyLinesComic.com & MokoPress.com), Dawn Griffin (DawnGriffinStudios.com) and Chris Flick (CapesNBabes.com) tackle your questions as they come, live from our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

  • Krystina Atkins of the webcomic Soulbound asked:  When you have an awesome scene in your head and cant find the references to make it. I use 3D programs to help, but are there better ways?
  • @VexinglyYours of the webcomic ‪Forgotten_Roots‬ asked: When tabling at cons, do you only promote your books/comic or do you use fanart to draw people to your booths?
  • Walter Ostlie of Cubicles and Shiver Bureau asked:  I’ve been seeing more conventions with a small press area, do you think it would be better for indie comic creators to stay in artist alley or move to the small press area?
  • John Gallagher of Sky-Dog comics asks: Subscription vs advertising as a revenue stream?
  • Logan Wheeler of Comic or a Dollar asks: Hey, guys – what do you think about entirely digital media versus good ol’ pen and paper?

Things mentioned:

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages
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