WA Podcast 125 – Long Form Ret-cons

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

Today’s discussion…

When to ret-con?

Mike Gourdin‬ of Blank Scroll had some questions for our latest Long Form Take-over about ret-cons and art changes:

1) I have made some pretty drastic changes to my artwork for season 2 of my comic, is this a MAJOR problem or will most fans roll with it?

2) As my storytelling skills improve, I may want to revise how some previous story elements occurred. How bad is ret-conning and/or declaring certain seasons “not cannon”?  What is the best way to go about changing past events?

Note:  Thank you to everyone that supported our Kickstarter!  This podcast was recorded and edited back in September, so at the time we did not have access to any new services or equipment.  We’ll probably be taking a winter break to get the new software and hardware sorted out.  We’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Regarding the note at the end about improving the podcast audio, one thing you can probably do for just about free would be to equalize the audio levels of the people on each episode–just about every episode there’s one or two people whose voices are coming in much louder than everyone else, which makes the podcast a little painful to listen to when they’re speaking. Just a quick check and adjustment of volume levels before recording would go a long way to making the podcast more listenable. : )

    Anyhoo, long-time listener and long-former here, thanks for all the interesting discussions. : D

    • That would be possible if we were all in the same room at the same time. But we all are in different time zones using totally different equipment. The host, either Robin or I, have little to no control over the volumes of the other people on the call. Google Hangouts has a limited mixer functionality, but it is weak at best. With our new service, each person is recorded individually and then the host may do a multi-track mix down of those tracks, ensuring everyone is about the same level. Also, now that we can purchase new microphones for everyone, we’ll have an even more consistent sound.

      I try my best to equalize my podcasts using a broadcast compression tool I have, and that helps a bit, but is not a perfect solution. Hopefully you’ll hear a big difference once we get all the gear and the Zencastr subscription purchased.

      Thank you for your suggestions and also for being a listener! We do feel your pain about the audio quality.

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