Webcomic Workshop Podcast #57

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Dawn: FB pages: unless you’re going to empty your pockets to get the people who liked your page to actually SEE your posts, is it worth it to have one anymore? Should we just start promoting on our own profile pages and leave it at that?

Drezz: Issues vs. Books – what are your thoughts on readers picking up multiple issues or a collection (mainly for long form) – is it worth the effort to divide your story in episodic format?

Chris: Live art vs. “Quick Sale” items: My caricature sketch cards I do at conventions are easily my best & most consistent sales item but, there’s good and bad. If I get a lot of requests, they take time to do. Time that takes away from my pushing the books, prints or other ‘quick sale” items. What kinds of things can I do to take advantage of the popularity of the cards but still make other sales? My wife suggested a book + caricature sketch card combo but at what price? Currently the cards go for $10 a piece and the books are $15 a piece. I also offer specials for multiple book purchases as well: 1/$15, 2/$25, 3/$30.

Robin: Logistical question:  Doing my first out of state convention.  What do I need to know to get there, get my equipment there, etc?

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  1. I follow an author on facebook who was recently contacted that they aren’t allowed to promote their book on their personal page. Have any of you yet to experience this?

    • I’ve not heard of that at all. If they do that, they’ll lose a lot of people like myself and other artists who are there to share what we create. I hope this wrong, or a mistake, for it could lead to quite a mess.

      • Hi Guys
        I think you are meant to create a business page as a seperate account under your private name. For example I have a private page I rarely use but have three seperate pages for my different cartoon business areas.
        You can create new pages with their own titles eg 1977: The Comic’ and choose to make them a range of different special profiles eg Shop, Business, Created Character(used by lots of cartoonists to promote their strips and characters) etc.

        People need to like the page to keep up with it. I think Facebook are trying to keep business and private seperate.

        I had the same trouble when I first started promoting my studio on my private page. It actually works better having a dedicated page. I let people know on my private page about these and people go and choose to like them to follow them.

        Hope that helps. If you didn’t know already…
        By the way just discovered you guys and am loving listening to all your podcasts.
        From Australia…

  2. Great show guys. I’m pretty sure facebook suppresses post on personal pages, the same way they do the business pages, or fan page.

    I’ve checked other friend’s facebook pages and what they’re putting up, compared to what I’m seeing, and its pretty obvious a lot of their stuff doesn’t reach me.

    I just thought I would mention it, because you guys kind of made it sound like the business pages were the only ones that are suppressed.

    – Jeff

  3. On doing sketches of people, and how you need to do one before they become appealing, I will often start sketching someone when they stop at our table and spending time. It’s not fancy or anything, and I can knock out a quick caricature in under 10 minutes, but yeah, do one and suddenly everybody wants one. As to cost, I don’t generally CHARGE for a quick caricature, but we do have a sketch jar for donations and the little sheets I do them on are watermarked with our characters and URL.


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