CONTEST! Draw an alien.

Lets see, so far we have challenged you to WRITE your own comic page, and LAYOUT a background or setting. Now it’s time to test your character design skills, Alliance community! If you have your own comic, you probably have characters you have labored over and have evolved over time… almost claiming a life of their own, your hand being simply the vessel. This is a great sign of solid character design, but like the advice I was given in college… don’t get comfortable. It’s time to take on an alien.

Why Aliens?

While designing a human or animal character isn’t easy, you at least have a starting point. Humans have 2 legs, 2 arms, a head with 2 eyes, ears, nose, mouth… it’s pretty basic. Anatomy 101 classes will tell you that. You know what a bear looks like, or a dog or a cat. The challenge to designing an original human or animal character is broken down into 2 points:

  1. The character must be recognizable as what species (and gender if applicable) he/she is.
  2. The character’s style must be unique, so as to not infringe on copyrights.

However… a monster, or an ALIEN, is a completely different task. While rule #2 still applies, rule #1 is thrown out the window. Well, it’s best of the reader would understand that this creature IS an alien, but that term is wide-open for interpretation… and THAT’S what makes it difficult. Where do you start? The “lazy” way would be to model the creature off of a human or an animal, and make a couple small changes, such as adding antennae to a humanoid figure. Try to push beyond the imagery ingrained into your brain by pop-culture, movies, or other comics. This is YOUR alien design. Why must it hold true to someone else’s? Be original.

Rules for Designing an Awesome Alien

  1. Full color. Give it the ol’ college try, folks.
  2. No animal mutant aliens. No humans with antennae. Be creative and think outside the box.
  3. Full body, one angle is acceptable. (though good character design often includes multiple angles.)
  4. Send a jpeg, at least 500×500 pixels.
  5. DUE by Saturday, October 20th.
  6. Send your character designs to this address with the subject line ALIEN CONTEST.
  7. Up to 3 submissions (together or separate) allowed. One alien design will be chosen as a winner.

The winner will be announced Monday Oct. 22nd!

Oh yeah, the… uh.. PRIZE!

Your choice of one of the volumes, signed and shipped right to you! Get caught up on 2 aliens disguised as dogs, that I didn’t have the guts to “really” design. HA!




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  1. Love ALF! I’m catching reruns on the HUB network (I think it’s the HUB).

    And COOL! Draw an alien, get alien’s disguised as dogs! Damn, I’m not eligible. But everyone else should jump in!

  2. Creating an alien character has always been fun for me. Back when I was drawing Blue Number 7 I had a slew of them on hand. I would like to offer this one mostly as how I work up an alien. It is not for the contest for two reasons. First, I need her for an upcoming Life On 66 strip and 2nd, I already own both books offered for the prize. 🙂

    I sat down and thought up a world that had inhabitants that are mild but intelligent. They are easily killed so they never got into the war frame of mind and instead went for intelligence and philosophy. As they are easy prey their specie developed an almost transparent structure making them had to find…or hunt.

    Their planet has a very mild atmosphere so noses are only slits. Gravity almost does not exist so their bodies grow tall and gangly. The eyes developed on the infra-red spectrum so to make it easier to see other inhabitants.

    Well, that was the blueprint I used to create my little girl here. Hope ya like her.

    • great alien design! I like the transparency aspect. Also a great sign of solid design is in-depth planning of the character’s surrounding and world– it would affect their appearance!

      All I could really offer you, if you wanted to submit it “officially”, is my preview of volume 3 minibook. But it’s not all that big in comparison.

      Regardless, thank you for sharing!

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