Contest Results – Draw an Alien!

The Entries…

By Pluto’s revoked Planetary status, did we get some fantastic entries!  The creativity!  The color!  The occasionally bizarre!  You all delivered in spades!  In fact — Dawn was so excited by the response that she decided to have not one, but TWO winners…A Webcomic Alliance Choice…and a READER’S CHOICE!  Scroll down for the poll to cast your vote!  Prize will be the artist’s choice of Zorphbert & Fred volume 1 or 2!

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Edit, 10-29: POLL RESULTS!

Congrats to Bruce Otter who won the Reader’s Choice Poll! Dawn will be in contact with you soon about your prize! Below is Bruce’s submission:




The Webcomic Alliance Choice!

Ran Brown of The End went above and beyond with this entry — providing us with not only a design, but character descriptions and world-building background to give this other-worldly entity life!


Here are the detailed character descriptions that accompanied the entry:

They were originally divided into two distinct ‘subspecies.’ In actual fact, their natural gender divergence was so extreme that ‘males’ and ‘females’ were almost entirely different beings; the males are the humanoid, psychically inter-reliant beings known today, while the females were significantly larger, much more psychically aware, and dramatically different in physical form.

  • Male Makkuroa were born in large clutches, while the process for the conception, gestation, and birth of a female was entirely different. Only one female could be born at a time, and female births were extremely rare compared to male births.
  • Biologically vested with enormous influence over her male counterparts, each female Makkuroa naturally came to occupy the role of leader, guide, judge, and social nucleus for the burgeoning subsociety formed by her many young. The term for this role translates to “Mother” in other tongues, though it is vastly more than a simple reproductive role. To the Makkuroa, one’s Family was also one’s society and culture, and one’s Mother was also one’s head of state, employer, spiritual guide, and more. 

Thanks for the awesome entry Ran!  Dawn will contact you shortly to send you your prize!

…..Howie Noeldechen, Shelley Noeldechen, Wendy Benham Selfridge, Chris Flick, Judi Clover-flick, Frank Hack

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