CONTEST: Write Your Own Graphic Novel – Caption Contest

Hey kids! We’re gonna try something a little bit different this time for a contest. Since ol’ Drezzy-boy is running the show on this one, we thought it would be nice if we changed things up a little bit and gave the budding writers/comedians/serious folk a bit of a crack at writing some captions for a fictional graphic novel page.

You’ve seen these caption contests before – the author creates a 3-4 panel strip and sets up the joke, and its up to you to come up with the punchline in the final bubble. This time around, we’re giving YOU the situation and we want you to show us some of your writing chops by filling in the blanks.

Pretty simple right? Can you write in a dramatic tone? Perhaps you want to make it humorous? What about something totally non-sequitur? The choice is yours.

Let’s get on with it! This month’s Write Your Own Graphic Novel features this situation…


We have Trinity and Neo from the Matrix in an encounter of some sort – what happens based on the situation? We want you to make it interesting! As mentioned before, there are no rules when it comes to dialogue in this one – it just has to work (for whatever reason).

So what’s in it for me?

We knew you’d be asking what the hook is on this one. Well, ol’ Drezzy boy is willing to pony up some of his talents in one of the following packages.

1) The Advice Package
– You can have me review your body of work and give you important design, structure and foundations tips in order to help you improve your work
– I will give you some one-on-one drawing/design/inking/coloring workshop help to improve your project
– I’ll be your comic buddy, budd-eh!

2) The Graphic Package
– A series of pin-ups/character designs for your next/current project
– A guest comic for use at any time
– A wallpaper for download
– A set of avatars

3) The Brand Package
– design and concepts for your website (not including coding and development)
– a logo for your comic
– a series of ads for your comic

Sounds great! Where do I sign up!?

Send your dialogue to this address with the subject line CAPTION CONTEST. The contest closes JULY 25th and the winner will be announced on JULY 27th.

We look forward to your submissions! And ol’ Drezzy-boy looks forward to working with our lucky winner! Get cracking, folks – show us your writing SKILLZ!

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