Comics For Japan

As we mentioned in an earlier post, 4 our of the 5 Webcomic Alliance members are in Chicago strutting their stuff at the C2E2 Convention. We are also promoting DJ Coffman’s, and asking people to text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from their phone, to receive a FREE combo sketchcard from Byron, Ken & Dawn!

Remember, you can also help donate to the victims in Japan in these 3 ways:

Here are some of the wonderful donators!


We also collected a collage of sketches from well-known creators, such as Randy Milholland, Danielle Corsetto, Joel Watson, Dave Willis, James Silvani, Lar DeSouza, Charles Paul Wilson III, and Dave Reynolds, plus MORE, which will soon go up for an eBay auction… all proceeds going to the Red Cross to help the victims in Japan. Keep an eye out for this awesome piece, we and the creators who donated will be promoting it!

Donation Sketch Auction for Charity!

This sketch piece is NOW UP FOR AUCTION at eBay, so get over there and bid! Winner gets an awesome collection of the hard hitters in webcomics, AND the warm fuzzy feeling of helping those in urgent need!

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