You Know You’re a NYCC Exhibitor If…..

I have been to many comic cons now (no, not San Diego… yet), but nothing on the East Coast even comes close to the utter insanity of New York Comic Con.  It’s not just tabling or exhibiting, it’s fending for your life and precious personal space. Debating whether to leave your table to use the bathroom, for you may never return. Considering the importance of lunch and what prop weapon you’ll need to scare your way to the front of the cafeteria lines. I could go on, but I’ll save that for the rest of this article.

I have done plenty of regular convention recaps, but this time, as I recover from the chaotic whirlwind and am in a slightly demented state of mine, I bring you this fun little list….

You Know You’re a NYCC Exhibitor If….

  1.  You have completely upped the ante on “Organized Con-Goer”… right down to the OCD packing list, after-party planning shared google doc, and shared google map pin-pointing the pubs, grocery stores, coffee shops, liquor stores, and oh yeah.. the convention center.
  2. Your suitcase and convention bag/trunk/box looks as though a Tetris addict had a field day with it.
  3. You have freaked out over your name not being listed properly on the website and/or badges. Twice. Well, maybe even three times… but that time you hadn’t had your coffee yet.
  4. You have abused google street view, spying- er, RESEARCHING your hotel’s or rental’s neighborhood.
  5. You were smart enough to make reservations at restaurants. If you want to, y’know, eat the same night.
  6. You realize now that in NYC making reservations does not mean you get your food faster. Or drinks. Or napkins and silverware. Or a table reserved for you in the first place.
  7. … however complaining to the manager will get money off the bill. Which was probably overpriced to begin with.
  8. (And while we’re on food) …You reaffirmed the notion that sushi/sashimi made at a Chinese restaurant should be avoided.
  9. You have rediscovered your love of Red Bull and coffee. Okay, caffeine in general.
  10. You make the mental note that shipping books prior rather than hauling them around IS totally 100% worth the money.
  11. A new drinking game/card game was added to your arsenal. You are probably now obsessed with it.
  12. Crowds and standing in lines no longer bothers you. Now it is the utter bane of your existence and you’d rather pee in an old coffee cup under your table than fight your way to the restrooms to do the “pee-pee-dance” in line for a half hour.
  13. You have said your comic pitch so many times that you mumble it in your sleep.
  14. You have grinned to yourself when you saw the overpriced greasy convention food, knowing your cheap-o PB&J and apple is waiting for you in your lunch bag.
  15. You know the pros and cons to rent-by-owner vs. hotel rooms. Having a back-up plan is a good idea, as owners can have something happen last-minute and have to cancel.
  16. You are transported back to being  a kid and learning the hard way that bedtimes are there to serve a purpose.
  17. Your voice is hoarse, even 2 days after the convention, from talking above the noise of massive crowds.
  18. You improvised the setup of your table with items like string, duct tape, magnets and magnetic tape, velcro, and discarded boxes.
  19. You felt a strong desire to wrestle wallets out of stingy/poor attendee’s pockets, on all days except for Sunday.
  20. You wonder if the stress, chaos, exhaustion and finances will make going back in 2012 worth it
  21. The new and old friends you got to spend time with made the stress, chaos, exhaustion and finances worth it. :0)


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Dawn Griffin is a self-described “crazy chick”. She likes steak, Cleveland sports, video games and oh yeah, comics. She spent her high school years either playing street ball, pitching, or drawing comics and submitting them to syndicates. Once she –accidentally– discovered the world of webcomics, the sydication route became a pointless hurdle. After all, “Crazy Chicks” do things their *&%$ selves. Dawn is the mastermind behind Zorphbert and Fred, and the illustrator of the Abby’s Adventures kids book series. She can be easily bribed with ice cream.



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  1. Oh boy Dawn, you have summarized pretty much our 4 days of craziness spent at NYCC!

    Here’s my comments about the trip, but linked to your own bullet points up there.

    1. Dawn, you are a Planning Freak! That was actually incredible. Not sure we would have been able to survive NYCC without all your planning. Thanks Dawn (hashtag)
    2. My bag, after TSA looked at it, looked more like a tornado passed thru..
    3. Not being listed properly did give us some challenges at the registration but the NYCC staff were really kind and it worked out well

    5, 6 & 7: Don’t forget to add, you order something, they claim what you receive is what you order, but strangely, it doesn’t taste at all like what you ordered.
    8. Okay, Okay, I admit it. I’m the one who did that. You would think it is OBVIOUS that someone would NOT order Sushi/Sashimi food in a Chinese restaurant. I ended being sick on Saturday and with all the crowd, “running” to the restroom like 5 times in less that 3 hours can be a very good challenge(see number 12).. But Dawn had Pepto Bismol tablets. Thanks Dawn (hashtag)!
    9. To be honest, I have discovered that love when I first started to plan for NYCC. Now, just plug it into my veins please!
    11. Wow, I didn’t realized how much you like that game I taught you! It was fun!
    12. See number 8….
    13. Indeed!
    14. Our Turkey and Cheeze sandwich were amazing! Yes Ken, even with your American Cheeze in it.
    15. Losing your loft less than a month prior to a show, in NYC, is not something I want to experience. I got extra white hair and lost 5 pounds overf this….
    16. I t hink I still haven’t realized that…. I did sleep more than 9 hours once back home…
    17. Sorry can’t answer that, my throat hurts too much.
    19. I have to learn how to feel good about that…
    20. It will NOT for me
    21. THAT ONLY WAS WORTH GOING, to be able to hang out with you guys. But next time, let’s hang out outside a Con. May be cheaper for us

    Overall, I am sad to say, my trip in New York was my worst trip I had since I’ve been travelling. There has been too many things that occured that made it really tough on my body and brain. I don’t care how bad or Okay I did at the con itself, it wasn’t my main goal (especially $$). But I wanted to have a GREAT time. I had some GOOD moments and they were the ones with you guys. AT least our Thursday Night was great. We had good booze, good food, and a good time at the Drink & Draw, doing more drinking than drawing.. And playing Darts and Pool
    Finally, there is one NYCC Staf Member who is simply EXTRAORDINARY. I unfortunately forgot his name. We met him in 2010 at C2E2 in Chicago and he was amazing with us in Chicago, same thing in NYCC and was always making sure we were doing okay over there. If you read this man, thanks so much!!

    In the end, I ain’t going back, NYCC is a really toughcrowd.

    And if anyone here wonders how I did $$ wise, let’s just say I made the same kind of money in Montreal, a 2 days only local con with 80% less people….

  2. Great list, Dawn.

    NYCC is a TOUGH show to do as a solo act. I can’t speak highly enough about the job my ComixTribe brethren did sharing the load.

    I’ll write up a lessons learned post eventually.

    For now, though…more sleep!

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