3 Kickstarter Survival Tips

My Kickstarter ended October 31st, and if it had been to fund a time-machine instead of a book, you can bet I’d be using it to go back to warn my past self about exactly what I was getting myself into!  Alas, my hindsight can do nothing to save my past self from the stressed-out wreck you now see before you, but it’s not too late for YOU to learn from my mistakes!  So here’s my 3 tips to surviving a Kickstarter Campaign…

1.  Never let Kickstarter become the top priority

Your first priority should be maintaining the basics of self-care:  Eat, sleep, stretch, maintain personal hygiene.  I know, we artistic folk are not exactly known for being good at this to start, which only makes these simple tasks a bajillion times more important during your campaign.  Remember, without a functioning you, there is no functioning Kickstarter.

2.  Decouple your self-worth from Kickstarter success

It’s easy to tie the success of your project to your worth as a human being.  When donations come in, we feel like we’re on top of the world.  If it’s a slow day, suddenly we wonder what right we have to breathe valuable oxygen.  Detach the performance of your Kickstarter from your self-esteem.  View it more as a test:  Is your readership ready for this type of burden?  How can you reach out and motivate people?  What can you learn about the people interested in your work?  These questions are far more productive than “Oh Mr. Tub of Ice Cream WHY don’t I deserve LOVE??”

3.  Realize that Kickstarter is a 3rd job & plan accordingly

If possible, do as much as you can in advance to prepare for the month wherein a Energy and Time Vortex opens up in your mind and destroys any free time you imagined you had.  Build a buffer, prearrange interviews and recordings, set up updates – anything you can to reduce the work your over-taxed mind will have to contend with during your campaign.  Spend at least a month or two before you ever launch your project preparing.

Best of luck to all ye Kickstarter hopefuls!  This will be my last post on the subject for quite some time, but I’m always willing to chat (or commiserate) on the KS experience.

Robin Dempsey is addicted to storytelling, despite all logical reasoning against this irrationally glorious pursuit. By day she works as a Mechanical Engineer, and in every spare moment outside of that she is making comics. Including in her sleep, on occasion. Addicted to world-building, character crafting, and language making, you can find the results of her sprawling storytelling pursuits at LeyLinesComic.com! Or drop a line on Twitter at RobinofLeyLines.

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  1. LOL! The look you have in your post’s title image is enough to make me re-think doing a Kickstarter! But, seriously, great info and the key is PLANNING. Something we creatives are not the best at sometimes. Thanks Robin for sharing!

    Now go take a shower and get dressed… Christmas is coming…

    • I have heard of this “sleep” phenomena. Perhaps I shall try it sometime… 😉

      Kickstarter will definitely bring out a lot of those bad artist habits, so it’s important to keep those behaviors in check during a campaign!

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