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This article is going to be a little change of pace for us here at the Alliance. We here at the Alliance do all this stuff for free. We do it willingly as we hope that folks can learn from our experiences, good or bad. And it seems to work as we have a lot of folks who write us, or approach us at conventions and sing some of our praises. So, as we here at the Alliance are “paying it forward” every so often something “pays us back”. This article is about one such event.

Long time listener and reader, Carlos Gomez of the comic “Robots-N-Aliens” sent me a Tweet asking if I wanted to attend a Chicago Cubs baseball game with him. Now, as most of you know, I am not much of a sports fan, but an opportunity to get out of the office for a day to drink beer, eat hot dogs and hang with comic geeks, then count me in.

So, yesterday, April 10th, Carlos and his girlfriend Julie, met up with me and my buddy Jim at Wrigley Field to take in the Cubs vs. the Pirates. Spoiler alert: the Cubs lost.  The day started well as my car’s odometer popped up with “1977” in the readings.

Carlos, Julie and I hung with the Cubs mascot as we entered Wrigley Field. I wore my trademark NASCAR jacket so Carlos could easily find me. He did.  Wrigley Field is celebrating its 100th birthday, so there’s a lot of stuff happening for that.

We sat up by the Broadcast booth, which for an old TV News Director like me, was more fun than the game! I spent the early part of the game looking for the cameras and watching how the director was keeping up with the action. WGN Sports has always done an outstanding job of capturing the Cubs’ games on TV. This game was no exception.

The game went fairly well as the Cubs went ahead 4-0 early on. But, in the 6th inning, they caved as usual and gave up 5 runs. The Cubs even had THREE MEN ON BASE at the bottom of the ninth and couldn’t score the tying or winning run. Man. Good thing I had three Goose Island 312 beers in me, so I didn’t care at that point. Yay beer!

So, the point is, keep on doing what you’re doing (even if you’re a losing National League Baseball Team) as someday, by paying-it-forward, someone like Carlos will step-up and pay-it-back for you. Folks like Carlos bring back a glimmer of hope for us silly humans. Thank you, Carlos, you rock.

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  1. You’re welcome, Byron. We had a blast. I have learned so much from listening to the Alliance. Not to mention you all keep me company while I draw or drive to work. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet the rest of the crew soon. I’ll save you all the punishment of a Cubs’ loss, but I know beer is in your futures.

  2. Maybe not a free baseball game (which I’d be ALL about!), but I’ve been “payed back” by many listeners/readers who wanted to show their appreciation. Some may not have the cash, and will do things like always, always retweet my comic tweets with nice promo copy attached. That has lead to others discovering my comic and sales. It can be the little things too! For that we’re thankful, guys!

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