WA Podcast 130 – LFTO Pulling the Trigger

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

Today’s discussion…

When to start?

Christina (Sombulus), Liz (Adrastus), and Robin (LeyLines) are back for another Long-Form Take-Over!  Today we’re answering two listener questions:

  1. Miri LR Powell asked: “I’d like to hear more about planning and scripting for long-form comics… what you should have before you begin, how much buffer you need to start with, etc.”
  2. Darren Silvers Jr asked:  “When do you begin publishing everything when you first start? Do you wait until you have a lot of content and post a chunk big enough for a passing reader to make sense, or do you publish right away the moment have finished a page? Question mostly for action long form comics and less gag a day formats (I meant online, but knowing the print publishing is always helpful for anyone who makes the swap from online to print)”

Some of the things we mention in this podcast include:

  1. Write or Die
  2. 4thewords Writer RPG
  3. Nanowrimo and NaNoManGo
  4. Inktober
  5. Monster Soup Webcomic
  6. Suihira and Make 100 Kickstarter Projects
  7. Rana Voicemails

Lyrics for “The Longform Takeover” sung to the classic “Final Countdown” by Europe

We’re writing together,
But it’s hard as hell
And maybe we’ll have to
Rewrite, who can tell?
I guess there is no one to blame
Full disclosure (Full disclosure)
Should I redraw the whole thing again?
The Longform takeover
Longform takeover


We’re heading for reveals (reveals)
Though it’s at a crawl
These plot points I’ve concealed
Will surprise them all, yeah
With so many pages to go
Can’t lose my composure (my composure)
I’m sure that they’ll all love it so

The longform takeover
Longform takeover
Longform takeover
Longform takeover

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages

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One Comment

  1. Omg Robin I feel you so much on the books thing!! I did in fact start making 300-page books, hahaha. If I was to go back and do it all over again, I’d merge Volume 1 with Volume 2 to make one mega-book. Condensing almost 1300 pages into a trilogy is a bit of a tall order (a 300-page book is satisfying, but a 400-page book is getting into scary territory)…. but the idea of having less (bigger) books is extremely appealing to me at the moment, haha. I’m very glad I held off on the urge to print floppies, because if I’d started down that road, I would have like 60 different items to juggle in my inventory.

    I am considering moving to a print-on-demand model once my print runs have sold out (which will probably be at least a couple of years in the future), just so that one day my bedroom/living room/kitchen/parents’ house will be free of boxes, haha.

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