Character Challenge #21: Monster Mash

Character Challenge #21: Monster Mash

Every other week, we accept a challenge from one of the Webcomic Community’s biggest supporters – Todd McElmurry. Todd has brought us challenges such as BBQ Disaster, Christmas in July, Dummies for Dummies and a whole lot more. Today’s challenge is

“Monster Mash”…..

Halloween is approaching and it’s that time of year when all the monsters can come together and do what they do best, PARTY!!  This challenge is to draw a Monster Party.  It must have multiple monsters interacting in some sort of festive way (dancing, limbo, bobbing for apples, etc.).  So let’s see what the Webcomic Alliance “artists” come up with – then we’ll see Todd’s response. Think you can answer the challenge? Link to yours below in the comment section!!

Webcomic Alliance “artists”:

A Cyclops and a Troll at a costumed Halloween party

Drawn at New York Comic Con Drink and Draw - a monster with a kid's mask.


Todd’s Response!


Frankenstein's monster was always known to add the "Boo" to Boogie. - Todd McElmurry

Reader Submissions:

Submitted by Jeremy Bentley -

Submitted by Corie Davies -

Submitted by Michael Phelps -

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  1. Dawn, that dragon monster really loves his human punch. Great job.

    Antoine, the concept of monsters wearing human masks is a great idea. Wonder if those masks were made from real people? Good job sir.

    • Little Gore-Gon was the scariest monster on the block that Halloween..and the cutest. His bag was filled with appendages and eyeballs of every size by the oozing neighbors that just gushed at his cute costume. Good job Ken.

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