Character Challenge #24: Grandpa may be losin’ it….

Every other week, we accept a challenge from one of the Webcomic Community’s biggest supporters – Todd McElmurry. Todd has brought us challenges such as BBQ Disaster, Christmas in July, Dummies for Dummies and a whole lot more. Today’s challenge is:

“Grandpa may be losin’ it….”

We all have that person in our family that at some point it becomes apparent they may be losin’ it.  The challenge this week is to draw an older man “Grandpa” in a situation that makes it apparent that he may be a basket shy of a picnic.  Whether he’s wearing his birthday suit in front of the bridge club while singing the Canadian National Anthem, or putting his false teeth in the offering plate at church, just have fun with it.  So let’s see what the Webcomic Alliance “artists” come up with – then we’ll see Todd’s response. Think you can answer the challenge? Link to yours below in the comment section!!

Webcomic Alliance “artists”:

Webcomic creators, when they start to lose it. Although, I have already done this, sooo... yeah... what was I talking about?

Poor grandpa. Those were his good tighty whities too..

Moss grows fat on a rolling... wait... where am I at?

Todd’s Response:


Reader Submissions:

Submitted by Michael Phelps -

Submitted by Bill Taylor -

Submitted by Jamison Hanning -

Submitted by Jamison Hanning -

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  1. Dawn, I feel like Grandpa some days right now. I wish my wife would quit hiding that Edit-Undo button. Nice Job, love the raised glasses pose.

    Ken, I sure hope Grandpa put on his good tighty whities on his head first, and not later in the day after that plunger was needed. 🙂 Love the wife beater and the tooth brush; thank you for the Censor bar. 🙂 The dialogue is great.

    • Thank you Jennifer. Care to take the challenge yourself? This is open to any and all who want to give it a try. It’s a lot of fun.

    • Jamison,

      Thank you so much for taking the challenge and the two hilarious submissions. Look for them soon under the Readers Submissions.

  2. No prob it was a lotta fun…but next time I think I’ll have my daughter load up my images.
    I get easily confused with that fancy internet.

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