Character Challenge #27: Hobos

Every other week, we accept a challenge from one of the Webcomic Alliance members as well as contributor Todd McElmurry. This weeks challenge is brought to you by Todd, and the character subject is:


Hobos have been a part of our culture and our lives for many, many years.  We’ve seen them on the news, in cartoons, and in our favorite TV shows and movies.  This weeks challenge is to draw a hobo as you would see them.  Are they a friendly traveler on the box car of life, a reminder of our economic turmoil, or someone just wanting some spare change to score some booze.   Let’s see what the Webcomic Alliance “artists” come up with! Think you can answer the challenge? Link to yours below in the comment section!!

The Webcomic Alliance Member’s Responses:

this is about as political as I get. Gov't stealing from the poor, nothing that groundbreaking.

Sign of the Times

My vision of a soon to be Hobo: Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO of Research and Motion (RIM)

Todd’s Response:


Spork and Beans

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    • Well, when FOUR houses on my block alone are bank owned, then it kinda slaps home the point that the economy just sucks.

      These are nice homes too, all just recently built. I am sure the banks and the builder walked away with their profits. Not quite right, is it?

      So yeah, I went a tad political on this one, which is not my forte.

  1. OH, just as a side note, this particular one was drawn “live”… meaning I did not edit it in any way. I just drew it as you see it. So these challenges are giving me the practice to visualize a concept and put it down on “paper” in the first crack. You’ll notice I did not use the usual “egg” shape for the head and all the associated lines for the body… I just drew it. I erased very little on this one.

    So a big round of applause for the WA gang as I think the Challenges have, at least for me, sharpened a necessary skill. I almost kicked on my ScreenCam video software and I wish I had, this was a fun one to draw.

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