Character Sketch Challenge #14 – July 4th BBQ Disaster

Character Sketch Challenge #14

Species: Any type of character

Characteristics: BBQ Disasters

We’ve all either experienced them first hand or witnessed them happen, the BBQ that just didn’t quite go right.  Exploding grills, firecrackers in someone’s shorts, Uncle Owen burns his eyebrows off,  rain outs, etc.  Just make sure you incorporate a BBQ scene and a disaster….Are you up for the Challenge?


Even during a rain out the true grill master will keep on cookin'. 🙂

Finally - tried to upload this image for 6 hours.


Grillin' for over 3 decades!

Sorry I’ve been out so much of late due to family health issues, but I thought you’d enjoy
seeing me grilling in the rain over the years.  A true grill master never let’s the rain
stop him!

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  1. These are great guys. Antoine, I love the crashing bird, just wipe off the soot and throw that baby on the grill. 🙂

    Dawn, all buns and no meat, love it.

  2. Welcome aboard Todd! This was a great challenge – thanks for coming up with this. I love the little things in your sketch – the American flag and the cook covering his head with the grill top! Classic!!

    Antoine – I’ll look over the horizon on the first for the smoke cloud!

    Dawn – the expression on the guy’s face is priceless!

    Sorry mine was a little late. I had less time on my business trip than I had planned. Then my laptop couldn’t connect. I paid to have Internet at the airport so I could upload the sketch! Sigh.

    • Love the new hairdo from the grill experience. I’m gonna start telling folks that’s what happened to mine. 🙂

      Ken, you are dedicated to the task to pay to get wireless at the airport to upload the sketch.

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