Character Sketch Challenge #15: Christmas in July


Character Sketch Challenge #15

Species: Christmas Characters

Characteristics: What Christmas Characters would be doing in July

Ever since the 1940’s there have been Christmas in July celebrations.  So let your imagination go and let’s see what our Christmas time friends would actually be doing in July.  Would Santa be stocking up on gifts during a Summertime Clearance sale?  Would Rudolph be applying some sun screen to keep that red nose of his from getting more red before hitting the beach?  What about Frosty, how much SPF would he need before he didn’t become a puddle of mess?  So just make sure to incorporate a recognizable Christmas Character doing something summer time related….Are you up to the Challenge?

Professor Hinkle has found a way to make a profit off of Frosty during the Summer months....

It's tough to keep up with technology. Summer school is a must!


Even Jack Frost needs a summer job.


Submission by Chris Otto of "A Dogs Life" -


Santa's Venison Shoppe by Michael Phelps of

Abominable Waterpark submitted by Rob Torres of

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  1. Ken, I’m sure Game Console training is the class that fills up the fastest. I’m sure Hermey’s “Guide to Dentistry” is probably pretty empty this year thanks to the Game Console Training course. 🙂

    Dawn, Very nice use of Jack Frost…very ‘cool’. 🙂 Is that little girl picking out something for Jack. 🙂 I love your elephant in the background, a very nice touch.

  2. Good stuff guys!

    Todd – my son is in love with Frosty the Snowman and Professor Hinkle is a great foil! When I saw your post I started LOLing.

    Dawn – I agree with Todd, the added extras are awesome!

    Antoine/Byron – Love yours! < /sarcasm >

    • Thank you Chris for the submission. Definitely proof that Christmas in July should have a clause that reads “All Santa’s are required to wear a T-Shirt to the Pool or beach”. 🙂 At least he brought the snowy whiteness with him. 🙂

  3. Todd that Professor Hinkle is hilarious. Next time sign your work so I don’t have to scroll to the comments to figure out who drew it. hah

    • That is hilarious. I see Bumble also found himself a great pair of dentures. I’ll bet there were more than his share to pick thru in Florida. 🙂 You did an awesome job Roberto. I’ll be adding your submission to the page with the others on Monday.

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