Character Sketch Challenge #16: Cosplay

Character Sketch Challenge #16

Species: One of your characters

Characteristics: Character in Cosplay for a Comic Con

With SDCC just wrapping up last week and other Comic Cons on the way I figured what a great way to give a shout out to the Comic Con industry and how they have started to embrace the webcomic community more and more and have one of your webcomic characters in Cosplay for a Comic Con.  The thing is, you have to make the settings that of a Comic Con, so backgrounds are a  must in this challenge.  It can be a booth behind ’em, a banner, etc.  Choose your favorite con to promote as well, but most importantly….have fun.  So are one of your webcomic characters such a fan they will dare Cosplay at a con?  Are you up for the challenge?

I was going to dress as Antoine Gagnon!

Jeff as Kid Flash

There's always one in the group who only half listens......


P.S. Dawn is REALLY excited for the new Thundercats, so excuse the over-abundance of Snarf.

Doctor Who Cosplay

A Dogslife Cosplays Zorphbert and Fred

This isn't a Comic-Con, it's a Comic-Pro....

George has the worst B.O. then anyone else when it comes to Comic Cons.

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  1. Aww rats. Participating in this one would feel like cheating, since the first part of my comic takes place at a comic convention and one member of the cast is an avid cosplayer. :/

    • Nice Job Maddog. Talk about taking care of your competition at a Con. “Hey, were’d that guy go?” “Oh, he lost his head. Now come over and check out my stuff.” 🙂

      • Yes Zoie has a way of getting what she wants ….one way or another. I think George is about to convert to a Star Wars fan with sally as the storm trooper. This was really fun to draw. I love these things.

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