Character Sketch Challenge #17: Chill Out

Character Sketch Challenge #17

Species: Any

Characteristics: A clever way to stay cool in the August heat

It surely is the dog days of summer right now, heat indexes across most the country well over 100°.  This Character Challenge invites you to use your imagination and come up with clever ways that someone or something might cool off this summer.  For example, Monkeys laying in the Frogurt Carts at the Zoo, or a Rock Star with his feet submerged into the Hotel Ice machine.  The challenge is to make it a non traditional Air Conditioner or Fan type approach to cooling off.  Are you up for the challenge?

Mother in Law in the house for a month or two? That WILL chill the place for sure!



East Bound and Down

When it's too hot to bust 'em....join 'em. 🙂

The heat can drive people to extremes. - Presented by Michael J. Phelps -

Stay cool and ice down the pool. Presented by George Ford -

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