Character Sketch Challenge #18: “….for Dummies”

Character Sketch Challenge #18

Species: Any

Characteristics: Someone in a trade or profession you would not want to see consulting a “….for Dummies” book.

We see them everywhere, they’ve been around for as long as most of us can remember now, those “….for Dummies” books.  Use to be you found them in book stores, and now I see them everywhere from Gas Stations to Grocery Stores, big and small.  So use your imagination and come up with a clever way to incorporate a “…for Dummies” book into the hands of someone in a situation you would not want to see.  For Example: Surgeon looking over a patient with a “Heart Surgery for Dummies” in his hand and sweat on his brow.  Are you up to the challenge?

Now where did I put my “Sketching for Dummies” book?


Woodworking for Dummies

Knots for Dummies by Chris Otto (

Making Money in Webcomics for Dummies by Chris Howard (

Never hire a color blind bomb technician! by Michael Phelps -

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  1. These are awesome guys. Dawn, I love the Falling for Dummies with Wile E. Coyote. You sure do a great job on detail.

    Antoine, the moment you buy that book you have a feeling that life is about to get pretty hard on ya. Nice addin with the Shark Fin. Nice job on the magnifying of the image, great way to show the details and yet keep all the background.

    Ken, If he doesn’t get to the chapter on Table Saws quick he’s going to be literally beside himself.

    • For some reason your pun on table saws really tickled me. I was trying to come up with a return pun, but the best I could do was to say what a “cutting comment” that was, and how it “split my sides” with laughter. Alas, I was not meant to be a punster. 🙂

    • Chris,
      I was trying to access your Character Challenge this morning and the page kept coming up as “Not Found”. If you will eamil me your sketch and I’ll add it to the page. Thanks for contributing and I look forward to seeing it.


    • Interesting observations. I think we (in the USA) are cngnaihg into more of a create & show mentality on the whole. There are more people than ever creating things and showing them off, it’s time for everyone to get on the band wagon. While I don’t see us going to a barter system anytime soon, I do think that the amount of people creating real things and showing them off is only going to grow.

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